Release: psvtrimmer lets you reduce the size of your .psv files


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  1. manuel010 says:

    nice =) i would love to try this tool today 🙂

  2. ricko says:

    how do i use .PSV format in ps vita

  3. bud7 says:

    will it reduce loading time, like cso file on psp?

    • KotNascher says:

      cso didn’t reduce loading times, it is compressed and actually takes longer with compression level 9 for example.
      Also this area with all the zeros never get accessed in a game as it contains no content.
      The only benefit is saving of space.

  4. sj33 says:

    I’m assuming not, but would there be a size difference between a trimmed .psv and a raw nonpdrm rip?

    • pez2k says:

      The .psv will likely always be a bit bigger as there’s a little bit of metadata included (about 0.5kb) and any small spaces between files are preserved, but that’s what makes it the better format for archival. Comparing a straight dump of the individual files to a trimmed .psv for my test gamecard is 3.29 GB vs 3.39 GB – not a huge difference considering the .psv is more futureproof.

  5. reymon says:


  6. pez2k says:

    Thanks for the article wololo – yes, for me it’s about popularising the format, it’s the right way to go so if I can help its adoption then that’s great.

    Glad you mentioned kageurufu’s tool too – his is currently a bit more feature-complete than mine if you don’t mind using the command line.

  7. sl1pkn07 says:

    oh! thanks for the python script!

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