PS4 “backup” loading progresses on firmware 1.76


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28 Responses

  1. Mustapha


  2. Mustapha ali

    Yeah it me

  3. Mustapha ali

    Yeah its me

  4. a7mag3ddon

    Please don’t make this public, it’s all rather pointless anyway for the handfull of games that can be played it hardly seems worth the time and effort of the hacker.

    • dameros

      Many people on the scene love doing it simply because they can, so even if it’s useless (running Linux on ps4), I think it’s really nice and deserves looking into, especially since it’s on a very low firmware.

      • spok

        yes and if someone releases Chaitin hack then it should be possible also on FW 4.0x which will be also hard to find…

    • Durk

      That’s like saying “Don’t release the cure for HIV/AIDS, it will only work on children not older than five yers old, and children that young don’t have sex.”

  5. DSpider

    3 years too late is a real damn shame… The latest version is 4.74. “PS4 Pro” users won’t be able to do anything with it. I’m just hoping that it will lead to other games being exploited on the damn thing. Save game hacks, maybe?

  6. Roy

    This is so nobody scream numero uno. And piracy is the only thing that would make me buy a ps4. Then I will buy uncharted 4 and the last of us 2.

  7. rnjaman

    also need to mention only activated games can be decrypted.

  8. DerpStank

    I have always bought 2 of each release day systems. Still have a day one ps4 in a unopened box. the day is coming where the seal will be broken!

  9. makak1984

    I am not interested about any kind of piracy, but when heared any of zecoxao hacks/entrypoints I always take that witch bit of salt…another dimension of hacking also presented at same style as katsu does.

    Wololo, could you release some article about vita with gpu acceleration? Once I read about it at your blog… but wanna to know about current implementation process… thanks.

  10. xaliax

    “Meta” Gear Solid…. Never heard of it….

  11. Lol

    Pc is the future.Denuvo is near to die .who wants to play old games in firmware 1.76.Its lame.Ps4 scene is lame.

    • DSpider

      It’s always been lame. Same with the Vita, for 99% of its life.

      Only after it was discontinued things became “interesting”.

  12. Ant

    lol to all the people saying don’t make this public should of stuck to 1.76 fw instead of updating….. CFW coming up

  13. Lol

    So does this mean PS4 pro wont be getting any cfw? Still got mine in box with fw 3.70 for almost a year now. Hope i didnt buy it for nothing..

    • azoreseuropa

      Have faith. I have fw 2.57. It will be worth waiting for. PS3 jailbreak was finally cracked after about 4 years. Be patient.

  14. mike

    can we hide the video with this?
    for educational purposes i have several video from brazer.c0m in my vita

  15. Stupid Man

    Cool but is there even a single PS4 exclusive worth playing at that firmware? Even now, my PS4’s collected dust for years thanks to all the PC love

  16. John

    The hackers on the Playstation 4 = The shame.