You can now customize your (hacked) PS Vita’s fonts, but is it worth the risk?


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14 Responses

  1. Cimmerian

    SKGleba work on load custom font from ux0 so it wont brick, and you can reinstall firmwar because sa0 and os0 isn’t modified

  2. Frank

    It’s cool yes but I won’t risk it. I like the current fonts.

  3. Localhorst86

    Who wouldn’t want comic sans on their Vita?

  4. Q13E5

    Useful place for fonts is here. just make sure the font isn’t too big.

  5. SilicaAndPina

    i almost bricked trying to do this i could still boot to shell but vitashell and molecularshell did not work litterally anything that used graphics.h did not work luckily i was able to install FTPVita1.0 from my pstv and restore the partition.


    yeah not worth it at the moment

  7. Albryx

    Actually this font mod crashes most of the games.(Tryed TboI and it gives 128-28 error, even SAO-HF gives it, after removing the font, all the games launches fine).

  8. Jamx

    Guess I just wait for a safe APK app that allows to change/swap the system fonts easily, if possible though.

  9. DrRetro

    Sound good, but i will wait for a safe App.