NoNpDrm version 1.1 released and VitaShell updated to 1.74 – Important bug fixes for the Vita/PSTV


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  1. NakedFaerie

    Everytime I power up the Vita it now gets an error saying it didn’t shut down properly last time.
    Even if I press the Power button and power off properly.

  2. Lisa Legends

    Thanks a whole bunch for being informative! Only wish they update molecular shell as well with same if not better features.

  3. VitaNoob

    So, you’re pushing VShells QR reader, but you’re not supplying QR Codes, for future downloads? The Egg has been made, start using the Chicken! 🙂

  4. Armed_&_Overclocked

    I love how easy vita shell makes things; just wish it would stop giving me a “file corrupted” error anytime i mount my USB as Uxo on the PSTV

  5. PSTV-wood-sporter

    Yes, thanks as well for being our news source!
    I am saying my prayers and taking my vitamins and being good for Xmas and all, in hopes that someday usb will be auto-enable.

  6. Ricky D

    I tried to prep for a new sd2vita coming in the mail. I tried using VitaShell 1.74 to copy the files from my Vita memory card to my computer. It failed repeatedly because the mounting of the drive reset. You also can’t just select all files and copy. It won’t copy anything if you do. You have to manually copy folder by folder which makes it unworkable

  7. TesseractE

    Have there been any reports of PSN account risk in using this? I’d love to be able to download purchased games onto my PSTV again, since Sony broke it a few months back, but I don’t want to put my entire library at risk. ^^;

    • cracker

      That would require you, of course, to log in to PSN which would prompt you to update. You won’t be able to download anything from the store until there is another spoof available.

      • TesseractE

        The spoof on henkaku enso works well enough to connect to the PSN for trophy updates, etc… I just get that stupid error when I try to download a game from the PS Store. I haven’t had any problems yet, but somehow bypassing DRM seems like something that might cross a line of harmlessness with Sony.

    • Frezzno

      I also want to know. I’m using PSN+ to upload and download save files to cloud. At least that works on 3.60fw. Can’t download purchased games though. You will have to upgrade the fw beyond 3.60.

  8. Broose

    although we’re glad to report on these things here at, we’re asking people to not share download links for the tool*
    said on this very website

    @Aurora @Wololo which is it ? we can share download link or we can not ?

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