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Nintendo Switch: what’s the best firmware for (potential) homebrew and hacks?

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  1. a7mag3ddon says:

    Is there anywhere yet tracking the firmware versions that come with carts yet ?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, most or if not all indie titles should playable on all firmwares? Now, for the switch games? They could make some sort of scrubber or patch for them? Or cfw like the psp and ps3 has?

  3. DirtyOldHo says:

    The biggest concern for me is what firmware will ship with Mario Odyssey.

  4. skull kid says:

    why you say 1.0 you can’t acces internet with 1.0 so it can be 2.0-3.0

  5. kyle says:

    best firmware = 1.0.0 🙂

    • seanp2500 says:

      actually it’s not you need slightly higherfirmware for the current exploit 2.0-3.0

      can still cart upgrade tho but pick one up dude.

  6. DSpider says:

    Smh… at all these “possible” releases.

    Don’t let it be another PS4 1.76 (“fully exploitable”, “kernel exploit”, and absolutely nothing good came of it, like homebrews and backups). “Stay on 1.76” they said. What a waste of time that was.

    If there is something that’s only available for 3.0.0 and lower, just release it. Now. Especially if it was patched in 3.0.1 and 3.0.2. Not 3 years from now, when half the games need a higher firmware.

  7. Ukl says:

    No point staying on low firmware unless you want to miss all major titles to come.

  8. xerotyme says:

    Although I definitely wouldn’t recommend updating to 3.0.1, I recently saw a Twitter post from someone on the scene saying they found something “interesting” in 3.0.1… Whether that implies it is in fact exploitable or not, is an entirely different story. If you did accidentally or purposefully updated, DO NOT go any higher just to be safe if you intend to run homebrew and don’t want/can’t afford to get another Switch.

  9. heyguyslol says:

    I bought a Switch this week and found that it came with 3.0.0 so I’m good but I realized that I don’t feel like I can get the full potential of the system because of the lack of upgrading the firmware (SD card usage, estore, etc.) so I decided to go buy a 2nd Switch which also came with 3.0.0.

    I’m going to fully update the first one and store the second for a while until more news comes out about the Homebrew hack. If after about a year I don’t see any potential progress on the hack I’ll just sell the 2nd unit and recover my funds as it’s still going to be brand new in the box.

    On the other hand if a hack does come then I’ll hack the 2nd stored unit and sell my updated Switch used and take a partial loss. This seems to be the best option to being able to fully experience the Switch and insure an option for future hacking.

    I’m not so interested in hacking to get free Switch games as I’m all about supporting the dev’s but I would love to have the option to run older emulators & roms on my Switch.

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