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libnx released, library to write Nintendo Switch homebrew


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7 Responses

  1. methman

    Lets hope for some releases infront of Mario Odyssey release 🙂

  2. seanp2500

    is it happening? Is it really happening? I can’t wait.

  3. Byte

    Since “Libnx is based on libctru, the library for native 3DS homebrews” I wonder how easy it will be to port 3DS homebrew (of course libctru based) to the Switch. Would be nice to even see a ‘hello, world’ before the Switch’s 1st year anniversary.

  4. Monteezy

    Do C libraries work in C++ or do I need to do a bit of editing?

  5. Ar1an

    My switch has 3.0.1. Is there any way to downgrade it to 3.0.0, without bricking the console?

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