psvgamesd release and the quest for perfect vita game dumps


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  1. sj33 says:

    If it’s easy enough to convert .psv format files into trimmed dumps, then it makes sense for this to become the dominant format.

  2. Frank says:

    If the NoNpDrm are smaller and can get all updates included and DLC and works on the device, I don’t know why the other should be the storage method. I mean that NoNpDrm do store with lower space too. You can just zip them to the compression level you want. This is what I’m doing and will continue to do until the other will support DLC and Updates and will be on the same space usage capabilities.

    • Quade321 says:

      The point is creating a format that preserves the game without modifying it. NoNpDrm is currently more usable, the other doesn’t have usability as its main focus. You go ahead and use whatever you like. I probably won’t dump my games in this format either until at least compression and trimming are added.

    • Ogre says:

      Compressing NoNpDrm dumps makes zero sense. Because almost all files are encrypted. So there will be no size reduction. In fact I have seen multiple times that zip with store “compression” (meaning no compression applied) is a few kilobytes smaller than zip with compression for NoNpDrm dump. So please, don’t compress NoNpDrm dumped files. Just put them in zip file with store “compression”. As advantage you won’t wast CPU compression non-compressible data, and users won’t wast CPU to decompress it – and as a bonus compress/decompress speed will be significantly higher. I have seen ~150MB/s vs 900MB/s difference on my machine.

  3. RR765 says:

    I’m gonna backup Ridge Racer specifically because of that last bit

  4. Icedcream says:

    I agree with the Ridge Racer comment… such a shame!

  5. MDashK says:

    Ridge Racer on the PSV is actually a pretty good game, once you have all the DLC…

  6. Nahuel says:

    My god, honestly, this scene does not stop surprising me.
    It’s incredible all the work these people do.

  7. Crzo says:

    300mb game taking 2gb space? Thanks but I’ll pass…

  8. OperationNT says:

    I think this comparison table is a little bit unfair: the save issue on suspend could be by-passed and it completly ignores game modding possibility.

  9. Anon says:

    There’s no point of preserving 1:1 dumps of digital games, DLC, and updates. Just preserve a PKG file your Vita/PS3 downloads from your PSN account as it is, since that IS 1:1 dump by definition. Yes, PKGs (and content extracted from them) are not playable without matching licenses as of now, but this should be rectified in the future.

  10. Demian says:

    Just a clarification. ISO format is far from useful to preserve 1:1 CD/DVD Images, as it doesn’t support binary information (as digital audio), IMG/BIN/CCD formats would be more useful for that.
    “* I believe some games don’t deserve to be preserved though. I’ll be throwing away my copy of PSV ridge racer in a garbage can before anyone gets their hands on it and attempt to preserve this piece of ***.”

    I can’t agree more about this, and actually I’d say that only 10/15 games from the Vita game library are worth to be preserved, all the rest are total anime dependent ***. Even though I like anime.

  1. September 25, 2017

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