3DS Firmware 11.6 is out, does not seem to impact hacks


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9 Responses

  1. Black Lizard

    Stop updating nintendo the 3ds is already very stable

    • Demian

      Some owners with a hacked 3DS can’t say the same… 😛
      Nintendo is always doing things for the sake of owners… LOL

  2. Montae

    So do we NEED to run the boot9 exploit before the update or does it not matter?

    • Ray

      Doesn’t matter, no update can block boot9. Will need a new hardware revision for that to happen. Sorry Nintendo you fail!!

  3. Matthew

    For those of us new, but want to get into this, are we sc*** if we don’t have homebrew already before the update? I want to get into this, but I have the 11.6 update. Suggestions? I would like to make some edits to my pokemon silver team 3ds game.