VitaShell v1.70 – Major Update Released!


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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    yay just tried it
    worked like a charm

  2. Konni says:

    cant connect psvsd over usb. still get an error 🙁

  3. Konni says:

    still get error 0x80244112. but usb on normal memory card works fine.

  4. felipus says:

    All I get is “Please insert a microSD” I have a psvsd and it’s selected in the settings.

  5. Frezzno says:

    Hehe, just finished reading the article and there’s an update to 1.71.

  6. Crackgh says:

    Where can i found qr for download vpk

  7. xboxrawks says:

    Love the auto update feature , mounted uma0 like magic lots of love here!

  8. Alfador says:

    Anyone else having storage issues on USB? My “system use” allocation is far higher than it should be. I tested this on 2 devices. Nothing left over or unaccounted for. When I plug the drives into a PC the space used up for “system use” isn’t reflected.

  9. Frezzno says:

    TheFlow is on fire. Download 1.73, should fix your problems.

  10. Alfador says:

    Unfortunately I still have this “system use” issue on 1.74. Anyone have any ideas?

  11. PlayerWellknown says:

    Is it possible to install Vitashell to ur0 without any issues, so vitashell can used without any card? If so how do you go about doing so, I haven’t seen any info about it.

    • honeylime says:

      I agree, can @theFlow help us or team xyz so we can boot vita phat straight to sd2vita like MLTHaku (with just sd2vita inserted and no sony mmc just boot straight to mlthaku and there it goes, your vita boots up even without the sony mmc) . mlthaku is nice but the system version is only 3.60 henkaku-8, I really hope @joel16 you can help us reach the devs. thanks for all the hard work @theflow @teamxyz @yifanlu and the rest of the hard working devs!

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