Adrenaline Bubbles Manager v3.05 ready for Adrenaline v6 and Lman’s new adrbubblebooter version!

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  1. manuel010

    muy buen aporte

  2. Bernie woody

    Is it just me or its this useless because of the new vpk version we got just days ago witch has way more options for creating bubbles if I’m wrong tell me how please

    • Tony

      You are wrong, the vpk version we had is pretty much the same but it generated vpk files using the tool on a pc but this one is done on the vita itself so there’s no need to drag&drop vpk files and install using vitashell.

  3. eckchan

    This is by far one of the best applications for the vita. big thanks for the effort .. i love it you guys are awsome

  4. Tony

    Not sure if i’m the only one with this problem but the new version seems to crash a lot just as it’s supposed to bring up the text window to choose a name for the bubble.


      Well, I’ll talk to Gdljjrod about that issue, to me it worked very good when tested, I created 6-8 bubbles in a row in every test without any issues.

    • BaltazaR4

      Is it happening with all the games? or is it happening only with a few games?

  5. sloppycrap

    Awesome! I spent hours last night trying to figure out why my new bubbles were taking over my Adrenaline bubble. And now I can get rid of ArkFast for cloning.

    I would change the button label from “Quit” to “Continue” in the System Message windows because it looks weird saying Quit to “Getting the resources ready for your new bubble” “TITLEID: PSPEMU001” etc.

    No I’m not signing up to GitHub so I can leave that as an issue

  6. Svet

    I cant seam to be able to overclock the cpu by starting a game with a bubble 🙁

  7. Shiggitay

    I’m so stoked that this was updated! It works awesomely! Thank you ONELua!!

  8. NoOne

    Does it take space to make bubbles?

  9. OCG

    No PS1 Bubble support?

  10. nscxp

    I boot up the Bubble Maker and it says Adrenaline is not installed even though I have the latest version installed.

    Does anybody know why I am getting this error?

  11. Yyu

    Is anyone know to dump psvita 3.61 game? i’m too bored play 3.60 game. just asking.

  12. Violet

    Is there any way to get a 3.60 or below vita without buying the BL2 bundle? I wanna get into the scene but that bundle is kind of rare/expensive these days