VitaShell v1.63 Released


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. seanp2500

    does this give usb access via 3g adapteR?

    • Jok3r0314

      I was wondering the same

    • warfaren

      No, it means that people who have the first generation Fat Vita with 3G support can replace their 3G chip in the console with an SD adaptor, and this update adds support for that adaptor. So for that console you could have 3 memory cards inserted at the same time:

      One in the actual Vita memory card slot
      One SD card in the 3G slot (with adaptor) and
      One SD card in the gamecard slot (with adaptor).

  2. Blue

    How do you update through Vitashell itself?

  3. kaluas

    What does it mean to export video files ? From games ?

    • SpartanHexus

      Nah, in this case, the video files (or sound files for music) you transfer to your sd card through vitashell usb mounting or ftp would be exported to the Vita’s Media applications, so it allows you to listen or watch those files without having to use qcma.

  4. Coraje187

    Nice thanks for the heads up. 😀

  5. Quake

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  6. jonathan sebastian

    i cant update through vita shell and when I try the vpk it giver me error 2×80101139 what do I do ?

  7. budi

    still…how to mound sd2vita on vitashell?
    i think i endup mounting 2nd partition instead dunno.

  8. mmm

    so no regular SD2VITA?
    that update is dumb
    but thanks anyway

  9. d4rk51d3

    Still no .rar support. 🙁

  10. drozd

    [u][/u] – download keys (VPN) free for 24 hours

  11. Rameron

    So, when VitaShell is in internal memory, the update cannot to finish and version don’t change. But after moving it to memory card, that process is success.

  12. warfaren

    “The quality of the system performance”?

  13. irshad

    Poor performance to mount usb ux0

  14. irshad

    Bad performance when usb mount ux0

  15. Anonymous

    Would be nice if it allowed sd2vita USB access…

  16. reymon

    nice! i will try again to get working usb transfer again…it never worked forme

  17. Ronopotomus

    Will a kind soul please direct me to a noob tutorial on hacking the Vita? I’d like to buy one for my son. Is there a particular firmware that I’m looking for or one to stay away from?

  18. Ronnie Hall

    Thank you for this guide!

  19. Frank

    You mean VitaShell 1.7, aren’t you? For me it’s 1.7 🙂

  20. gerrero

    for the love of god, satan or whatever deity you choose to pray to could someone help me ?, I can’t update my vita shell, it gives me error 0x80101139 in molecule or error 0x80101114 thorugh vita shell also automatic update through vita shell isnt working vita shell closes itself and re open automaticallly and tell me there’s an update over and over again. what do i do ? also now it’s telling me its update 1.7 and not update 1.63.

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