Vita Reverse Engineering Leak (Cobra Blackfin) – part 1


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  1. ccv


  2. jm8080

    Can’t wait for the “juicy” parts…….I hope they come to that.

    • JustAGuy

      Vita Rom Compiled Dumps I Swear That’s Coming Up

    • MasterSe7en

      Well…I hope we get the juicy parts…but I also hope this poor guy gets paid, just those few notes I read, and having SOME of very little coding/hardware experience…that dude put allot of time into this project….good luck bro I hope it works out for you

  3. makak1984

    I think that it will be lawsuit wave around article by Sony side.

  4. Abraham

    ok I gotta ask what does this mean for the scene in terms of development
    please excuse my ignorance

    • nope

      Your guess is as good as ours. May not be anything, may be a really interesting part of the puzzle which has yet to be solved. Time will tell. Until then, enjoy the show!

      • Bob

        Maybe this will help lead to an end to the 3.61+ firmware requirements, but that is most likely just a dream….

        • Megumihan

          3.61 will not happen they focus on 3.60 noob

          • Bob

            Actually Cobra Black Fin was pre 3.60, it didnt work on 3.60 at all. When i was talking about 3.61+ requirements i was talking about running 3.61+ games, ie the ones that came out after 3.60’s firmware. If your going to call someone a noob, which i wouldnt necessarily deny being one, then at least get the facts straight.

        • Megumihan

          3.61 is just a dream irony….

        • Megumihan

          The only one way to downgrade your PSV is to buy a board to go to 3.60 and if you cant afford it while its cheap then get a job stop asking this stupid question about 3.61 because this will never happen or i will be direct to you it will take 10 years or more before they emulate 3.61 or higher the developer said this already

          • oliwek

            @Megumihan : Well, the ‘noob’ gave more insightful facts than you did. Maybe you should grow up a little.

  5. Geniux

    Is not enough with what YifanLu made? I mean, what other stuff can we found about PS Vita?

    • Dinckelman

      There’s anything and everything to be found. Sony is obviously not complete garbage when it comes to software and security, unlike Nintendo, but a lot of things could happen. No software is perfect though, and one new discovery could lead to a whole tree of new ones

      • F A N B O I S

        I love how every post from you is “gne gne gne Nintendo security” when we have multiple news on Ps4 abd Vita exploits. You’re not biased at all.

        • Makak1984

          Yeah, you made a point, i like Nintendo systems for library of games for example 3ds, but how lazy they was to not patch 5.1 firmware exploit for months on Wii U. Now Switch and security flaws… Vita was most secured console ever made, and i am not talking about psp emu level. 3ds for example have ds flash cards that some was blocked only few times my beloved DSTWO have fw updates with new entry to max 7 days after 3ds fw update. And it was maybe 2 or 3 times. Becouse the popularity of system there is much of hackers around there. Emunand, and web browser auto security fix, and idk when was implementend after 9.2 fw. So Dinckleman sorry you’re wrong about Nintendo security

          • Dinckelman

            “Fix” browser and “Disable” browser aren’t the same thing tho. This argument can go a long way but you’re definitely not wrong. Nintendo just does lazy quick fixes every time that don’t fix the core issue, but just remove the dozens of silly entrypoints.

    • yoshi314

      who knows, maybe this covers some areas he overlooked, did not bother with, or lacked equipment for.

      those xrays and logic analyzer dumps sound promising.

  6. Anon

    Hopefully this will allow for PROPER backups (ROMs) of Vita game carts (as opposed to just the files read from them) intended for use with Vita emulator(s) mainly.

  7. Megumihan

    Release it what are you waiting for this will help everybody just end the PSV Scene so we can get a new handheld from Sony

    • Hwka

      Unpatchable henkaku cfw for any future fw… That’s the last thing we really need.
      Maybe once in the future… after ps5 is hacked….

  8. andoryuu3

    Just when I thought the PS Vita scene couldn’t get any better… Will be interesting to see this one unravel.

  9. PlaGeRaN

    i guess it all depends on how old your device’s are with lower firmware to make use of anything.
    if it’s to high you will likely brick your vita

  10. Tinder

    Am I the only one who thinks its crazy to work for 4 years in good faith and not receive any payment for your work?

    I do find that hard to believe, but I guess we will see.

    • DS_Marine

      I bet you are not the only one. What I know is that all of you never hacked anything on your own. Old school hackers never did it just for the money…

  11. hans_georg

    I have no pity for this guy!
    He should have released his findings to the public before!

  12. Yifanlu is a Dickhead

    Holy shiit a new emulator nice release it please

  13. Byte

    Even with the upcoming NoNpDRM plugin (“Vitamin 3.0”), we still need a way to make backups (not necessarily playable) from game cards (.VGC files) for software preservation. Hopefully this will help to create a full dumper that dumps everything 100%, keys/auth stuff and all.