Adrenaline Bubble Booter VPK Edition version 0.2 released – Import images directly from the ISO/CSO/SFO/PBP file of your game!


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  1. vkey says:

    Fantastic !!! hassle free to go and launch another XMB to launch PSPISO

  2. Hachiro says:

    Dangit. I just made the bubble for Midnight Club 3 xD

  3. tatundria says:

    Does it work with isos in uma0?

  4. Jamie says:

    It’s been working perfectly for me, with custom pngs aswell as default ones!

  5. sloppycrap says:

    I t would be cool if he integrated his PSN PKG tool so you could drop a PSP .pkg and it did the rest from there 🙂

  6. Aliaz7ony says:

    It’s easier now, Thanks to the developer.

  7. Smoker1 says:

    Does not work correctly for me. I have Adrenaline running from my SD2Vita this way:
    SD2Vita:/pspemu/ISO/*PSP Games Located here*
    I created a VPK, which Installed no Problem, but when I go to Start it, it says I must have Adrenaline Installed. Uh…….it is.

  8. Gabriel says:

    There is a way to make the icon goes full when you open the bubble?

  9. The Collapse says:

    If you want use it with uma0 the exact path is: ms0:/ISO/game name.iso.
    Don’t put “pspemu” or not works!!!

  10. The Collapse says:

    If you want use it with uma0 the exact path is: ms0:/ISO/game name.iso
    Don’t put “pspemu” or not works!!!

  11. XavierSephiroth says:

    All I get when I try to boot my bubble is “Cannot load adrenaline_kernel.skprx”

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