VitaQuakeII 1.0.1 released


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  1. sloppycrap says:

    Neat, I actually own a legit copy of Q2 on CD.

  2. 909090 says:

    But what’s the point if we have PSone Quake 2 ?

    • sj33 says:

      Because this is a port of the original PC Quake II which is much better.

      The PS1 version is impressive for the platform, but it doesn’t come close.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      The psx Quake 2 port was fudged beyond belief lol. Most of the game levels had to be shortened, and toned back cause of the consoles limitations. That and it didn’t support the expansion packs. If Rinnegatamante stays we may see expansion pack support on top of the complete game in it’s entirety.

      That’s the point of this port.

  3. Dmaskell92 says:

    We still need you Rinn!

  4. crappyslop says:

    I wish someone would port Jedi Knight games in the future

  5. Shawn Michaels says:

    Please add the option to use command line cheats

  6. CRKFIEND says:

    Rinnegatamante, whether or not you choose to leave the Vita scene, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your contributions! Programming can be a thankless job, no matter how many people enjoy the software! Your generosity doesn’t go unnoticed.

  7. Paffu says:

    did quake 2 become freeware or do i need to buy a copy and move files over? i just know with doom and wolfenstein i have to move wads and whatever the wolfwnstein files are from my pc over to get them to work.

    thanks in advance

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