PS Vita: NoNpDRM, TheFlow’s upcoming “Vitamin 3.0” announced for September


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    • Tony

      Also to quote: ” TheFlow dropped a bombshell on the scene today” this is the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come if what i’ve seen in this facebook post is true, apparently TaiHenKaku has been ported to a 3.63 PDEL unit and thus making it possible for 3.63 and maybe even 3.65 retail units running henkaku just like us 3.60 users, what a time to be alive, the scene seems to be getting some great things recently and it only keeps getting better!

      Source: [NOTE: unverified, most likely fake news source removed by mods]

      • Tony

        Lol link removed because it’s apparently fake, go check discord and see it for yourself if you don’t believe it, i verified this personally and the conversation matches up to those screenshots.
        Server:Vita Hacking, Channel: hacking-general

        • pez2k

          The kernel exploit that Henkaku uses does not exist in 3.63. There is no ‘porting Henkaku’ to 3.63, an entirely new exploit would need to be found to bypass kernel ASLR.

    • Seph

      No one cares

      • Tony

        Everyone cares actually, a 3.63/3.65 hack will most definitely restore psn access and allow playing games higher than 3.60

        • Frank

          Yes, there will be updating tutorials coming and then a new SONY’s frimware two days after. lol But it will help for later games.

        • Jackie

          No one care man. Do your part if you want by joining wololo writing team, and sumbit your fake news that way.

        • >_>

          He meant no one cares that you posted first.

          • anonymouse

            It would be good if there is a way to get Henkaku working on the latest firmware that they keep it under wraps for another 6-12 months so Sony can’t patch, looking at the upcoming games for the Vita the amount is dwindling and I doubt there will be many releases in 2018 looking at that list sadly it will most likely be the last year of new games for it. Might as well wait for the last few games to drop which is when lets be honest the console is “dead” to Sony and the firmware will probably either never be updated again OR it won’t matter because we will be able to play any game we want anyway so who cares if Sony update the firmware.

  1. gap

    yooo thats dope!!

  2. Kalis

    I need jailbreak or downgrade for Ps vita Firmware 3.65. Because Vita will die…

  3. motoisking

    I hope The Flow gives motoharu credit for this at some point, he basically did most of the work on this. Be a scumbag move if he didn’t make a single mention of him in the releases to come.

  4. Shikhar

    First. Feed me vitamin 3.0

  5. sonichimself

    sonic speed
    99% of the use will be piracy? I think we can lower that to a more reasonable 88%, with game carts being a thing.

  6. ManekiNeko

    It’d be nice to put all my legitimate cartridge games on my SD card. My understanding is that it’s not wise to remove the cheaper SD2Vita cartridges from your Vita… they wear out with time. This way I could back up those games on a PSTV, then upload the VPK files with Filezilla.

  7. NeonAera

    Awesomeness.. I’m super hyped! Can’t wait.

    Thanks, TheFlow for all your great hard work dude, kudos to you man!

  8. Swedish meatball

    Im sensing vita freeshop :O

    • Cypherous

      We pretty much already have that in the form of the maidump torrent thats out there which is like 550GB of vita games, a lot of games aren’t even really worth playing and we can’t play the newest games because of needing to be on 3.60, all this plugin does is fix some of the bugs from the older dumps, freeshop also just uses the legitimate packages whereas we don’t have a package installer for official packages so someone would need to host all the dumped games themselves for this to even work 😛

      • Anon

        The thing is, I don’t want to torrent my own games just because I can’t officially download them anymore no thanks to Sony, and not even transfer them from my PS3.
        I want Vita’s Package Installer (or Content Downloader on IDUs) to be fixed so that it will install DRM’d .pkg files I downloaded from PSN to my PC and generate the license locally. This plugin is a step in the right direction, but even with it we’ll have to manually extract our PKGs first and then STILL go pirate the license to play our own legitimately bought PSN games and DLCs.

  9. Bob

    I know that TheFlow explicitly says that this will be for 3.60 games or lower, but in the future, is it plausible that this tool could be modded or improved for 3.60+ games? I have the carts for several newer vita games already on my shelf, unused. I understand the easy way to “fix” this issue is to buy another vita/vita tv, but id prefer to avoid that.

    • sj33

      The issue is that it’s not DRM or licences preventing newer games from running.

      • Jacek13

        Yeah, the system just lacks necessary files, you ‘d need to somehow decrypt the new system and the 3.60, somehow replace the files… I’d just be easier (less impossibly hard) to just make the henkaku run on never OS.

        • Bob

          This is coming as a suggestion from a pleb, but if you transfer the entire content of the vita cart onto the memory stick couldn’t you then just edit the game by patching it, so that it checked for a lower firmware? Unless even to access the game cart, you needed to decrypt it.

  10. Logboy

    Keep up the amazing work TF. You are the hero we need but dont deserve. *** the haters, you are a legend.

  11. Megumihanx

    Hahaha Time to end the Ps Vita handheld Sony if you are reading this its time for you to release a new handheld soon Enso will be superior to everything and it will lead to a downfall of PSN

  12. BenoitRen

    I wonder if this means games we download from PSN don’t need activation anymore. But to be honest I’d prefer to have it fixed. I’ve paid for those games, Sony! Let me play them!

  13. TTB

    Will current save games also work with a backup?

  14. Poop

    Axiom Verge!

  15. dbzgts

    So we can decrypt the pkg downloaded from sony website and then run it using this plugin,right??

  16. Gule

    Second, will we finally be able to dumped games that require firmWare 3.65, and running on our Vita / PsTv on Firmware 3.60…

  17. Salar

    Awsome 😀

  18. BabyflowIII

    Its a smart move considering the dumb one sony made by trying to revoke you from your own legally owned games due to being on 3.60 also them deactivating illegally your act.dat file making it useless unless you figure a way to undue the issue.

  19. BabyflowIII

    Its a smart move considering the dumb one sony made by trying to revoke you from your own legally owned games due to being on 3.60 also them deactivating illegally your act.dat file making it useless unless you figure a way to undue the issue.

    • bebiflew69

      you don’t own anything from psn, they can do whatever they want with it.

      same with basically any account. they decide if you did something wrong and you couldn’t do anything against a ban, it’d come down to them if you’d want to appeal a ban.
      there is almost no way you’d win against them in court if you’d try to claim anything.
      you do not have ownership.

      it’s just the same as with steam – you have no right or anything to play those games, even if you paid, and when steam would ever shut down you wouldn’t have anything.

      inb4 gog>steam lolno ty

      • BenoitRen

        But we do have a license to play, and they’re prohibiting us from using it.

        • CRZO

          And the terms of service clearly state that they can deny access to all PSN services if you hack your systems… And guess ehat Henkaku does?

      • Jack Attack

        You could take them to court and win. They use terms such as “buy”. You don’t “buy” a leased car. You lease it.

        In business “buy” is strictly regulated. Except it’s not with online and digital stuff because we elect lazy morons to office who don’t do anything until there’s enough outrage.

        EULAs already don’t stand up in court with precedent. Until digital goods stop using the term “buy” you DO have some ownership rights.

        There’s obviously restrictions all the same, but it’s not nearly as clear cut as you want to make it.

        The problem is that to fight this and through inevitable appeals it would take literally millions of dollars and no one wants to bother for such a hollow victory since it wouldn’t lead to consumer rights, it would just lead stores to using proper terminology and fighting consumer rights all the more.

  20. This is fantastic news. Hopefully this will rectify some of the games which are a nightmare to dump, good work flow!

  21. liznaith

    when hardware accelerated emulators?

  22. MFSGameplay

    So… that means we can play games that’d only run on firmware 3.65?

    • Trent

      As per TheFlow’s full announce in the article above :-

      ‘Unlike the previous dumpers, NoNpDrm assures you that the game is untouched and every game (<= 3.60) will be compatible.'

      So, I guess not unless I miss-enterpreted the above.

    • pez2k

      No. Until such time as someone finds a 3.65 kernel exploit (practically never), or the low-level Vita security is cracked to the point where attempts can be made to bypass version checks, newer games will remain unplayable. This work by The Flow is solely to do with bypassing the copy protection on games, i.e. whether the Vita thinks they’re legally purchased or not.

    • BenoitRen

      No. Read the article.

  23. Chris

    ( YAWN ) Boring, what else is new?

  24. matt

    WOLOLO, Or anyone, is there any work being done or already completed to unlock the 3g modules carrier locks?

  25. GuleLost

    Thank you the flow, you are very intelligent seeing everything that you did until today in the scene I can say, congratulations for being different from many that only speak and do nothing, you are different and everyone of the scene knows that your intelligence is out of the normal, that everything in your life of certain and good luck with your exams God bless you …

  26. berk

    dont make long talks, when we can play 3.61+ games on henkaku ????