Release: VITA2PC – Stream from your PSVITA to your PC


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  1. Amazing to see how homebrew devs are making the Vita a better device.
    Proof that Sony were being total c*nts.

  2. Ego

    Great news. Hopefully it has continued support. Having a mountain of software means a mountain of maintenence. Many of us have mentioned issues regarding this developers other wonderful contributions without reply.

  3. UnseenCyborg

    Whoever asked if this was possible a couple of days ago, this is your answer. 😛

  4. Schlohmo

    heck yeah, the successor to remote joy lite!

  5. Gelson

    Work fine, tnks

  6. Stilex

    Caption of the photo says “pc2vita” instead of “vita2pc”

  7. Spike

    Great news, can´t wait to stream that Puyo Puyo Tetris (plus a bunch of games obviously) and record gameplays.

  8. cynder2011


  9. Demian

    Now we’re serious… The Vita starts to be what it should’ve been from the very beginning. And not thanks to that crappy brand owner (Screw U Sunny! -SUS!-). 😛

    Thanks to everyone developing plugins, homebrew and apps for the Vita/3DS, they are the ones responsible for our happiness playing with our handhelds.

    Now, I would like to ask if this could be possible using a USB connection by transferring data directly to a program on our PC’s… Maybe some day.

  10. chirs

    Perfect. Pc-link + Vita2Pc sounds awesome

  11. alberto_balsalm

    make it possible to stream via lan cable for pstv and usb for vita 🙂

  12. danny fox

    Wololo ive got a peculiar problem with my vita with henkaka settings do not show the enso settings anymore..and system information shows version 3.65..i can open vitashell and run homebrew as well as visit ps store without activation.

  13. Random

    Which game is shown on the picture with the guy and girl? Want to check out other games i can get for the vita now that homebrew is improving it :p

  14. Bernie woody

    Will some one give me a little tutorial of where to put that code and where to get title I’d it asks for in development comments I not really installed any plugs before so I guide here would be great if anyone willing to help me thank you 🙂

  15. Gambi

    i have put it under *ALL and now after rboot i have black screen ! I start my vita and hold L but this not help me

  16. TH3 D@RK0N3!

    This is great, this could also technically speaking be used for the extended functionality of to out via either a strong pc, or laptop, using a hdmi cable for video out on the computer end…

    That’d be awesome, 🙂

  17. Ell Enn

    Great (did not read all comments) Please let us use USB cable for even better stability in the future. 😀

  18. Derp

    That door looks like a Vag LoL 😀

  19. Lollypop

    Does there come a psvitatv2pc?

  20. enigma85

    Doesn’t work with games that turn of the network features!!

  21. MarSprite

    This was what I was dreaming of before I bought the Tv model. Now I just don’t really need it anymore. It’s still righteous though, maybe I’ll break my original vita out of storage and do some multiplayer madness.

  22. Jessie

    Why would somebody make this? Its kinda pointless sense you can do the same thing with ps vita tv? Vita tv is cheap.

  23. Facundo

    Can I use it with homebrew? Example: Retroarch

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