Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.2 released, hackers advise not to update


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11 Responses

  1. Dark Pulse says:

    Well you definitely need to update if you’re on 3.0.0 at least, like I am. eShop refuses to launch and tries to force you to update.

    Pity, as I really want to buy Sonic Mania for my Switch. 🙁

    • Digiex says:

      It’s a catch 22 situation, your not getting homebrew or CFW any time soon, yet without updating your not getting any new games anytime soon either.

      Might as well update or buy a second Switch and keep the one you have exploitable.

      Just look at the PS4 scene.

  2. Fadi555 says:

    I’m wondering what kind of hack will be arrived. Maybe homebrews channel. Same on wii u & 3ds. I don’t care about piracy at all I just care about emulators. So can we see dolphin emu and ppsspp on switch? Because this two emulators is very fun to me. Switch is shared same tegra x1 same on android tv. So can we see these emulators on it?

  3. andoryuu3 says:

    On Nintendo Switch shortages:
    I work in a retail environment in the US, and whereas previously we only got shipments in every 1.5-2.5 weeks… as of a couple weeks ago, we’ve been getting them in consistently every week. Ask your local retail store when they get trucks in (note: NOT when Switches come in), and those are good days to call to check on Switch inventory.

    Do either that, or have a mental breakdown and opt to buy the stupid Gamestop bundle instead. Either way you should be able to locate and buy a Switch in a month or less.

  4. Biff627 says:

    Sadly I’m not gonna wait 2+ years (If we are lucky) for cfw/homebrew. Its just not worth it to be stuck to 5 good games.

  5. Jack Attack says:

    Update and enjoy your switch. We’re either going to have a Vita type of slow homebrew (and don’t forget how optimistic everyone was there saying it’s essentially mobile hardware so it’d be easy to port stuff), in which case it’s definitely not worth staying back and missing a lot of good games. Or we’re going to have DS/3DS type development at breakneck speeds once and if we reach critical access.

    As it stands, if you bought your switch to play games, play games!

  6. Beef Jerky says:

    If you complain long enough, your local GameStop manager will probably sell you just the Switch (no bundle).