Guessing which firmware your Nintendo Switch will ship with

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  1. Random Guy says:

    XAW1000 = Release Switch – has left joycon issue
    XAW7000 – Release Switch – has left joycon issue
    XAW4000 – Around a month-2 months after release. Does not have left joycon issue
    XAW1001 – Released around july. Most issues fixed.
    XAW1002 – Newest. Released this month

    First 3 for sure ship on 1.0. The rest except for 1002 likely ship on 1.0 as well.
    Serial number breaks down mostly like you guys think
    The first 3 letters have nothing to do with the firmware. XA never changes. W is the region. W is CA/NA. J is japan. There’s 6 or so.

  2. DSpider says:

    Is there even a single “Proof of Concept” that 3.0.0 or lower is hackable?

    Seems to me like another 1.76 on the PS4, where NOTHING worthy came of it (i.e. backups, homebrew, fricken anything) – and don’t give me that “Linux” *** because it’s bull. If you want to run Linux, get a $35 Raspberry Pi.

    • sirocyl says:

      If you aren’t a developer, currently there isn’t any way to make use of the hacks that are available on 3.0.0 and lower, yet.

      To answer your question, there is proof that it works; independent confirmation from multiple hackers in at least two groups have conclusively proven that there is a privilege escalation. You should follow the twitters of ReSwitched Team and the people it follows, Daeken, yellows8, and other people involved.

      There is not arbitrary code execution yet, so developing homebrew will come later.
      It is, however, an important escalation which will prove to be useful when a vulnerability and exploit are publicized, so staying on or below 3.0.0 is definitely not a waste, if homebrew is your goal.

      Once arbitrary code execution is achieved, it’s a matter of developing the tools necessary to make homebrew work.

      Linux or Android, while it would be a lot nicer on this device than the PS4 or a Raspberry Pi imo, is not yet on the radar. It already runs well enough on similar hardware with the same SoC, such as the Pixel C, and the effort needed to port it will be minimal.

      tl;dr: 3.0.0 is important. There’s proof it’s hackable. In a similar vein to PS Vita 3.60, hacks for future versions aren’t being considered yet, because the very important vulnerability in sm ( has been patched.

      The focus now is on finding and enabling code execution, and developing the tools for homebrew writers to do their magic! Not Linux. Not yet.

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