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Adrenaline-6 released – Base game/activation no longer needed!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Coppertank

    Is anyone else having issues getting Categories Lite to work after this update? Anytime I try to access a category, pspemu freezes and then after about 20 seconds, c1-2858-3 comes up.

  2. Chris

    If I want to play a game from a psn save from my ps3 on my vita, is it just as easy as getting thr save off my cfw ps3 and transfer to my henkaku vita device in adrenaline?

  3. Rodriues Do Prado Sergio

    Great news!

  4. psphelper

    Add “ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/sce_module/adrenaline_kernel.skprx" to the *KERNEL section of taiHEN’s config.txt and reboot your device.

    Adding this line doesn’t seem to work for me since after rebooting i still need to open adrenaline twice in order for it to work after installing it.

  5. pez2k

    Looks like there’s an update inbound imminently – TheFlow has just checked in a fix for a crash when using CSO images.

  6. fate6

    I didn’t need to add anything to the config for it to work :/
    Just removed the old adrenaline and all lines to it then installed the v6 vpk, thats it.

  7. psphelper

    Just posting to let people know that having to open adrenaline twice despite adding the line of text is an sd2vita issue. Using a normal ps vita memorycard and adding the line of text adrenaline loads up fine by opening it only once.

  8. Where do i put my PSP Games to play on Adrenaline?

  9. fate6

    OK I think I got it, the reason for the double boot thing is because its a kernel plugin that I assuem you are all placeing in ux0 which is your SD, the problem here is that kernel plugins are loaded before the SD is set as ux0 so adrenaline’s plugins do not load.

    This was a problem with the other versions as well not just v6 BTW and the solution there was just move the adrenaline plugins into ur0 and point the config to them there.

  10. MartinMotion

    Hahah i saw this post and i jumped almost through the ceiling.. i had a *** day and this makes my day good again!!!
    Thanks for your hard work and sorry for my english haha

  11. Tha_Dat

    Again, the pictures in the article prove that Aurora is The_Zett. He still uses that poor hentai girl since 2012

    • ZeroSbr

      Or they just use the same/similar backgrounds?

    • Ember

      I’m sure they just use what they have available. Whether that’s a collection of links, or more likely, a collection of images on their server, collected at some point I guess before 2013.
      That’s what you’d do in a job/project like this.
      Anyway, I find this whole “Aurora is The_Zett” persuit to be a strange sort of fascinatation, too.

      • Aurora

        I’m not exactly sure what you lot are talking about here with reused pictures/links.

        Most of my article pictures are taken straight off my PSVita minutes before I write my articles. As for links, I copy the relevant links which, to my knowledge at least, are not from ages ago since they mostly link to new releases/discussions.

        I also was not aware that The_Zett used an Ika Musume CXMB theme on his PSVita but that doesn’t matter as I only use the theme because ‘Squid Girl’ is one of my favourite anime.

        (and yes, this wild goose chase fascinates me too!)

  12. Ember