PC Link for PSVita teased – Stream your computer’s display to your Vita even if you have Intel/AMD graphics!


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  1. seanp2500

    f.u.c.k. yes awesome!

  2. Demian

    No this takes the Vita a lot more closer to what it should had been from the beginning, instead of just using it for trying to fill the pockets of that crappy brand owner. Sc*ew you Sunny!

    I’ll keep an eye on this!!! Awesome work homebrew makers!!!

    I’m sure other brands will take ideas from the 3DS/Vita scene, just like that cr*p flashcart to be released.

  3. Icedcream

    Looks interesting! Hopeful for a release soon.

  4. meysam25


  5. TheTechDoc

    reminds me of pspdisp from back in the day, used to play runescape while watching movies in the lounge with the parents haha, I love that this extends beyond gaming, like when im on the other end of the house and want to ftp something from my pc, I can do it all without getting up and running up and down my giant *** hallway

  6. Michael

    Finally, this is quite brilliant if it gets released to the public. Pls create a post at the time if you notice about that release to give it a go..

  7. yoshi314

    is there a way to do the opposite (stream vita games to pc) ?

  8. warfaren

    Really looking forward to it!

  9. harry-enez

    you don’t need a good internet connection if it’s just locally over wlan though (which will be the most common use i suppose, as with moonlight)

  10. Tha_Dat

    “even if you have Intel/AMD graphics!” lol ***

  11. UnseenCyborg

    Laptop “sports”? More like drags across the mud.

  12. Ell Enn

    I hope it could be sued as a touch screen on windows. Great work! I also hope there will be something like RemoteJoyLiteVita and you can use the Vita more like a PS TV also.

  13. swine147

    wow, that’s fabulous!

  14. sfa2miki

    heck yeah!… I need it…

  15. 123

    wrong direction!