Nintendo creates official SD Cards for Nintendo Switch


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  1. 0ver_flow says:

    Hopefully the Switch won’t lock out non-Nintendo branded MicroSDs in the future.

    • nintendont says:

      These cards are branded for the people who don’t know who to trust. A new customer for the switch will feel relieved with that Nintendo seal of quality. Nothing more nothing less, when you start buying cards with storage volumes this high. Fakers are quick to cash in the demand and take advantage of unsuspected victims. This product is not marketed towards people with experience of SD cards. So no Nintendo will not block off all other cards :p

      • andoryuu3 says:


      • Frisher says:

        Err, yeah but could they not then just fake the Nintendo ones too…?

        • Random Person says:

          They could. But you would not find them in any legit store. And you would see the differences, as Nintendo would sue them otherwise. Seeing the Nintendo Quality Seal on the product, is better then having a card without anything on it. Like the famous SD Cards who melt after being user for more then 1 hour.

    • pez2k says:

      I suspect the cost of producing custom Nintendo cards with some sort of firmware mod to allow them to be detectable as Nintendo-branded cards would heavily outweigh the money they’d make selling them. SD fabs run on tiny margins, the reason that producing them is as cheap as it is is the high volume of production. Smaller cards are often just damaged larger cards with the faulty parts locked out, as they can’t afford to lower their yields. Running special production just for Nintendo would never reach that sort of volume.

    • Abraham says:

      trust me that’s probably already in the works

  2. giinova says:

    Correction wololo: WD are not creators of Sandisk, they recently acquired Sandisk. Saying WD are creators of innovators like Sandisk is an insult to them.

    • nebu_187 says:

      the writer of this aticle is enderzombie not wololo. WD is a quality brand so i hardly doubt there is an insult there. 🙂 It was aquired by WD in March 2016.

  3. Thiccboy says:

    Any chance we could use these with our vitas?

    • nintendont says:

      Yes they will work with Vita but it’s cheaper to buy a non branded one. Read my reply above this one

      • nightwishfan1 says:

        ^^^You’re replying as though he asked specifically to a hacked vita which he didn’t. There is two answers to this just in case he doesn’t know. Out of the box a vita will not be able to utilize micro sd cards as they have their own memory card format that doesn’t conform to sd card standards. Now if you hack you’re console on 3.60 firmware with henkaku, and prep it for sd2vita use then yes it will be able to use micro sd cards at that point. That’s the only way.

    • Yskar says:

      If you have an 3.60fw and buy an SD2Vita, YES.

    • Ian Tester says:

      Sure, but the Vita can’t use the higher speeds – it’s a 2011 device after all. So just get a cheaper class 4 or 6 card.

  4. the_importer says:

    Cute Nintendo, now call me back when I can transfer my save data to this and then to my PC so that I don’t lose hours of my life if your cheap-*** system breaks, and maybe I’ll buy one.

  5. Crzo says:

    So this is one of these classic scams where they overcharge for regular sd cards by labeling with the console name?

    I mean we all know how people label things like “3DS memory card” on ebay and charge twice or more for the same memory card you can get everywhere else but cheaper…

    Execpt that is an official scam coming from Nintendo yaaaay…

  6. Ukl says:

    Nintendo…. They always want more money… These card are useless and exactly the same as other. By adding the “Nintendo Seal of Quality” they are just trying to scam random people.

  7. alpmaster says:

    What’s the price for a 128GB?

  8. harb6975 says:

    Just to avoid any misinformation: You make it sound like the 64GB and 128GB cards are both 100/90, but in truth, the 64GB is 100/60, while only the 128GB is 100/90.

    • harb6975 says:

      Also, only the 128GB card has the Mario packaging on it; the 64GB is themed Link with his BOTW appearance.

      • wagatamashi says:

        sandisk mostly dont reach that either. while samsunh microsds dont hold their promises either, they still reach higher speeds in general

        the author is fairly ignorant if he only trusts Integral or SanDisk. this has nothing to do with journalism anymore and i think personal opinions should be clearly highlighted as those or belong in the comments

        especially when there are rather equal-in-quality competitors like samsung or toshiba

        (i own a few 128gb and 256gb microsds from sandisk – but also from samsung – and use them “professionally” every workday so i kinda have experience with those)

        • wagatamashi says:

          no offense to the author, sorry. it sounds mean but that sentence really held no value to me – the rest of the article is very well written

  9. Caio says:

    ill buy one and use in my vita.

  10. lol says:

    Oh I’m pretty sure these Nintendo version will cost more than the regular ones due to the lovely “Nintendo” logo and artwork -_-

  11. DingDongBingBong says:

    Sandisk is owned by Western Digital now.

  12. BumBum says:

    Hmm, I wonder if this means you could use something like GCU at BestBuy to whack 20% off the cost of that 128gb sd then? Interesting.