What’s next for the PS Vita scene?

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  1. Skullator says:

    The ability to play games that require 3.61+ firmware on HENkaku firmware would be the final frontier for the Vita scene imo.

    • Byte says:

      What you mean is fully crack the VITA like boot9strap & Luma3DS CFW on the 3DS. Just run the official updater and you stay hacked by patching/selectively updating.

      • Dinckelman says:

        Sadly for people who’re looking for warez, and thankfully for Sony, Sony aren’t as stupid in Nintendo when it comes to security measures.
        You’d think that by this time Nintendo would have learned that instead of patching entry points they should patch the issue itself, but nope

        • gwwgwf says:

          impossible for 3ds/n3ds (xl) though

        • Natalie says:

          A lot of us who crack our consoles don’t pirate any games. On one hand I’d love to have had my Vita hacked and still play new games, I’ve had to update it and keep my PSTV hacked instead. Kind of a bummer for someone who likes collecting physical releases, but doesn’t want to carry them around all the time xD

  2. cpasjuste says:

    Well, for the first thing it should be a matter of time as I already/just ported usbhostfs to the vita.

  3. csdesign says:

    DIsable HDCP for good… PLEASE

    • warfaren says:

      That would be lovely. Although, considering how it seemed to be impossible through CFW on the PS3 (I think it was controlled by a separate chip that could not be altered through the main OS) chances are the PSTV might be in the same situation :/

      • BlaDoS says:

        no. I could disable HDCP on my PS3 (4.01 DEX)

        • warfaren says:

          Yeah? I do know actual devkits could do that because they had a different type of chip. I also know that DEX firmwares included this switch from the devkit firmwares they were based on, but the switch didn’t actually do anything on a retail unit.

    • Seanp2500 says:

      cpasjuste thank you sir for all your work.

      csdesign certain hdmi splitters can bypass hdcp for pstv just so you know

  4. Phil says:

    I really want something like the XBMC on Vita that supports all the repos, portable media player

  5. Shenron says:

    – Activate the vista to play legit downloaded games
    – Henkaku on 3.61+
    – Play 3.61+ games on Henkaku

    It’s good to dream 🙂

  6. Lucas says:

    I would like seean Advanced Screen Settings app. The gamma on slim could be brought down some. Also some peopledon’t like the saturated colors on the phat models.

  7. brun0ls says:

    Hardware acceleration for retroarch… even the SNES emulator struggles sometimes, GBA too.
    That’s the first step before N64

  8. Stranno says:

    Rincheat already have video-streaming, probably not nearly as good as IrShell’s Remotejoy (the best remotejoy version so far), but its something.

    But it’s not that usefull when you have a Playstation TV. Much cheaper, 3.60-max stock, DSMotion, FakeCamera, Dual Shock 3/4 controls, not that bad video-scaling, etc.

  9. Ganix says:


  10. Demian says:

    Count me on on the TV output… That’s a feature that would make my Vita an awesome homebrew/emulation machine (if it’s not already).

    But a Vita emulator? Really?
    I don’t think its needed nor asked for. Most of the oficialy released Vita games are Anime dependent ***, so there’s not need to emulate them considering the work needed to create an emulator of such device and the micro catalogue the Vita has in therms of games.

    Actually most of the games are playable via another platforms so an emulator is the least thing needed on the scene.

    • gwwgwf says:

      the tvoutput is not needed then either. all of the games can be played on a different system as well (especially on pc lol)

      there’s also psp emulation for android etc etc…

  11. danny fox says:

    Henkaku for 3.63

  12. “Showtime” on the PS3 changed it’s name to “Movian” a couple years ago to avoid confusion with the TV channel “Showtime”. It’s also been ported to PC/Mac/Android, and even a chrome extension, plus many new features since the name change to “Movian”.

    Otherwise the article was spot-on. I really hope the Vita scene picks up more than it has and really started getting cool and neat homebrew like the PSP had. Hopefully the advent of smart-phones hasn’t completely killed it.

  13. ZeroSbr says:

    Henkaku for 3.65, or at least the ability to play games that require 3.65. Saturn and N64 emulation. Flawless emulation for 4th gen consoles and earlier.

  14. Kalis says:

    Henkaku for Ps Vita 3.65 or Jailbreak, please…

  15. Kalis says:

    I need Henkaku for Ps Vita 3.65 or Jailbreak, please…. Hope….

  16. onaryc says:

    A better game dumper (or an update of the existing ones) would also be great imho

  17. Jgr9 says:

    What’s next is pointless speculation filler posts.

  18. pspeasant says:

    ability to save in ur0/uma0 because i have a 64gb memcard and 200gb sd card :'(

    • andoryuu3 says:

      That would be amazing, and is certainly a very realistic request compared to most others I’ve read.

      I also have a 64GB Vita card, so somehow I would like to make better use of it too.. In addition to my SD2VITA card anyway!

      Now that Yifan Lu’s psvsd project is basically complete, those of us with 3G Vita’s have yet another expandable storage option. Imagine mounting psvsd as ur0… Call it crazy, but this could actually be very convenient!

      Most of all, I think what I want to see most is just ANY environment where the Vita memory card, SD2VITA and psvsd can live in harmony together… 256GB + 256GB + 64 GB = 576GB total!

      • Luis Alberto Barragan Rios says:

        Eso ya esta lo de tener la SD2Vita y la Memoria Original al mismo tiempo Nanospeedgamer tiene un video de eso, Checalo

  19. Christian van Offeren says:

    Only got one real wish videostreaming to PC. I hate the PSTV. i like my handheld. but when i play my handheld i want my friends to be able to see it through screen sharing/streaming.
    That, and 3.61+ newer firmware games to be playble would be nice too.
    Can we still play online with our games? now that sony blocked spoofing?

  20. Lollypop says:

    Enemy territory Mp opensource
    Stargate map

  21. nowayout says:

    If the x in xbmc stands for xbox, what does the b in xbmc stand for?

  22. ageofjohn says:

    Stop with the damn emulators, and bring back trophy hacking and save editing!

  23. warfaren says:

    I’d love to see a fully fledged desktop Linux distro or maybe Android running on the device. Could it be possible at this point now that so much of the security has been defeated? You’d think Android would work quite well considering how similar the hardware of a PSVita is to many phones. Would be a nice way of getting access to many good emulators!

  24. Saint says:

    Loving how the author of this post didn’t mention Henkaku for 3.61+ at all as if it was something no one wanted, just like to say how no devs are actually interested in this despite being what the true majority of the people wants 😛

  25. Isa says:

    game cube games would be my dream 🙂
    I just wat to play star fox adventures or final fantasy crystal chronicles on my vita (this one if possible, with multiplayer!)
    I know… Greedy but oh well!

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Yeah, not gonna happen. The Vita can probably barely emulate the Dreamcast let alone the GameCube.

      • warfaren says:

        Barely Dreamcast? Has anyone even tried yet? I’ve seen old Dual Core Android phones (which are also ARM based, like a Vita) which much less power power than a Vita emulate Dreamcast at fullspeed (only saw a few games, but it did all of them at full speed).

  26. Cesar Avaos says:

    The ability to change PS TV resolution would be very nice. Is it possible change it just like PS2 does with OPL + Graphics Synthesizer Mode Selector ?? Any chances?

    • warfaren says:

      Any PSTV offers you to choose between 480p, 720p and 1080i in system settings at least, but that’s probably just what the scaler outputs and not the internal rendering resolution, I guess.

  27. Smoker1 says:

    Things I would hope for:
    N64 Emulation
    Cheat Engine for ALL Games like CW Cheat, or Gateway’s Cheat Engine.
    Latest Build of MAME/HBMAME
    Program that can Install PSP Games so you dont have to use Adrenaline, ARK, or any other Emu. There are times when a Game will crash on me, I exit out of Adrenaline, and I have to either do a full Reset to get back in.

  28. pwnyourace says:

    A downgrade method would be more useful than finding an exploit in the new ps Vita firmwares. The reason everyone needs an exploit for the newer versions is because henkaku forced sony to release a BS .01 software update which will just happen again if 3.63 is exploited. Like the situation on the ps3 and what I’ve seen on numerous android devices over the years which have gotten locked down with software updates, it’s nice to have a method to simply return to an exploitable firmware and install modified update software from there than to have to find a new exploit on your newly patched system update back and forth every .01 update. Imo a downgrade is essential because the vitas niche popularity makes it impossible to play cat and mouse with software updates on the Vita like it it’s an iPhone

  29. Mario88 says:

    1080p support for PSTV, compatibility with 3.61+ games, Some kind of Kodi fork and a online multiplayer system like JTag/RGH 360’s have.

  30. OllieD says:

    Kodi started as XBMP actually 😛

  31. yoshi314 says:

    i am trying to get started with some vita development, it doesn’t seem that tough unless you try to dig into the system.

  32. PSM fanatic says:

    PS Mobile games!!

  33. Muco254 says:

    A downgrade method for 3.61+ users. If it will be happen it will be something very big :D!

    • wtf says:

      i highly doubt there is any serious work being done on a downgrader if any work is being done at all. that’s your own fault if you stupidly updated.

  34. kekofwater says:

    I’d oh so love a downgrade method. Updated my vita not even thinking to let my gf play it. Now it’s unable to play the games she would’ve really liked. np, +rep for anyone who can make this happen. You would truly be an internet god.

  35. wtf says:

    You can already stream your vita to the pc via moonlight

  36. Izaak says:

    I wonder if devhook like on the psp back in the day would be possible to emulate a higher firmware? That would be dope and nostalgic

  37. Anon says:

    Someone should patch the package installer so that there’s no need to bother with game dumps, just download PKG of your game straight from PSN servers to PC and install it manually, like with PSNDL on PS3 or Freeshop on 3DS.

  38. ANU815 says:

    SEGA Saturn, or at least Shining Force 3 port = Vita perfection

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