DSMotion for the PSTV updated to version 1.2 – Bug Fixes, accuracy improvements and updated compatibility list


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  1. Jarrah White

    Can this be installed on firmware 3.65? Maybe via PSVimgTools?

  2. Rclr

    Wonder if there’s any arcade or fight stick that would work for ps tv via Bluetooth or usb

    • neoman4426

      There are some, and if you’re willing to fork out extra money you could probably increase the amount by getting something like a Titan One. Any that work on a PS3 or PS4 would have a chance to work, though for whatever reason some won’t (I haven’t tried with a fight stick, but I’ve got a Gioteck “technically wired” controller where it’s wireless but uses a USB dongle, it works fine plugged directly into my PS3 but the PSTV won’t use it unless it’s plugged in to the Titan, the principle for it should be the same where some will and some won’t). There’s a post on the VitaTV subreddit about a cheapish one that’s confirmed to work, the Mayflash one that has a USB and PS2 connector that’s marketed as PS2/PS3/PC

  3. Mickael

    Do you guys know if Ridge Racer (eve on the Vita itself) can be controlled with gyro/accelerometer so that one can turn by using the Vita as a wheel?

  4. MobCat

    dose work on a regular ps vita though soo thats a thing

  5. irshas

    Where copy in vita these two file and how add tai confg text ,can u upload a picture or video

  6. hashmi

    I copy these two file my tai folder and add confg tai but not working

  7. irshad

    I try it with psvita memory after delete tai confg at ux0 and it’s work great but when I use a usb ux0 not work required some improvements

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