Release: PS4 Remote Play PC Offline patch


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16 Responses

  1. jesse says:

    Comin’ at ya first.

  2. Schlord says:

    Damn… I was close to 1st.
    One day maybe.

    Cool patch… Hope to see it work /last long time.

  3. TheTechDoc says:

    How the heck does remote playback work offline?? It streams through internet does it not ?? How the heck does it connect otherwise?

    • MarSprite says:

      Optimally, remote play is done via home networking. Usually home networking provides a much larger data pipeline, and it always provides a much faster ping time – Barring any strange issues.

    • sj33 says:

      A common misconception. It stream over local network. I don’t think it even work over the internet.

      • MarSprite says:

        It does work over the internet. I’ve done it for testing purposes, and I used to have a friend who remote played from work.

    • PlaGeRaN says:

      when remote play is enabled, your ps4 broadcast an encrypted signal.
      Didn’t know that till I had my laptop infront of me.

      Same thing applies when you connect via Vita: vita can connect directly to the ps4 without any internet connection.

      Just not sure how far away you can be from the device tho

  4. Mike says:

    No linux support though…

  5. warfaren says:

    Great stuff, love it! Now, all we need is a proper PS4 hack so we can associate a PSN account and pair the devices for the first time without an internet connection (my PS4 still can’t do that as I’m keeping it on a low firmware)

  6. PlaGeRaN says:

    v2 “requires” ps4 to be on v4.50 or later.

    so much for that idea unless someone has an older version??

  7. Mono says:

    A patch that would make Xbox controllers work in Remote Play app would be great.

  8. mirko8054 says:

    We may need an emulator to play PS4 remote games without DS4

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