PS Vita hack: Yifan Lu talks about psvd (SD Card adapter for 3G motherboard), auctions the remaining adapters


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  1. vkey

    1 st ..:)

  2. gunblade


  3. TheTechDoc

    The only benefit to this (aside from not taking up the gamecard slot) that I can see is possibly faster speeds? but im pretty sure the vita has a cap of around 8mbps give or take…from what I hear anyway, so maybe not, but really I think itll just be a cool collectible and bit of history, though not using the gamecard slot imo is a big plus for those who collect for vita

  4. fluk3

    Does any micro SD to mini PCI e adapter work with the vita? Found a few on eBay

  5. Tony

    “Using this hardware mod requires some basic soldering skills” Umm i don’t think you have any clue how this actually works as no soldering is required at all…

    • Tony

      Sorry don’t mean to come off as an *** just that if you read into it properly all that is required is some basic skills such as replacing a battery and taking off screws.

    • Imroy

      Soldering should only be necessary if you’re making your own.

    • MasterSe7en

      Why don’t you get your facts straight first, see the pads on either side of the card, that means it needs more than just the pins of the slot for something, if it was that easy to just plug and play im sure yifan would’ve had it done much sooner

      • Tony

        Looks like my second reply was removed.. i didn’t mean to come off rude so i apologise but if you read up on the adapter anyone would know the only skills needed is the basics like pulling out screws and unplugging cables, anyway the way it was written made it look like soldering was one of the required things for installation and not actually assembling it, which even then if you have the source you can do it without any soldering at all the only reason why yifan had to do it in his last update was because of a minor error he made in the final assembly.

      • Yakskiis

        It doesn’t need soldering, the pads were for testing the boards. i just recieved and installed mine today, it was really easy and took maybe 10 minutes. I even removed all the 3G parts to make it lighter.

        • vitagaming

          Will recieve my board this week. Are you going to run a sd2vita with a psvsd? So one sd reader can be used as uma0:

  6. cracker

    I was a funder of the second batch. It is a bit unfortunate that the easier and extremely cheap/diy game card adapter came out while the 3G card was still in production — stealing its wind. However, I’m glad that Yifan Lu has excess funds to use on some other PSV r&d.

    • andoryuu3

      I funded the sample prototype boards– I wasn’t fortunate enough to stumble upon the indiegogo page when there were orders for the first or second batch still up. But I agree with you completely. I think the psvsd is the adapter that deserves the spotlight out of the two, but I’m still glad to have both options (especially since I have a PSTV and a PSV Slim in addition to my 3G Vita).

  7. Jack Attack

    This would still be useful for hardcore collectors that want their entire portable Sony experience available without constant shuffling of games.

    A 512GB card can’t hold all the GOOD games from PS1, PSP and Vita. Even when CSO’s and etc. So, one card for Vita and another for PSP/PS1 would be the ultimate setup until we get 750GB cards or maybe even 1TB if you’re more forgiving of content.

    As it stands, it’s taking forever to even get a 512GB microsd.

    • Joe

      Microsd cards will get cheaper over time and more capacity just hold onto your Vita. maybe a replacement battery someday but I’m glad I never gave any of my Vitas to Vita Relocation Program

  8. vitagaming

    there is a site provided by Yifan with the instructions, and the install is easy as plug and play. It says to insert psvsd at a 45 degree angle and push down. The instructions also advise about the screws holding the 3g board to be very tight and you can easily strip them out. very detailed steps and will work with a microsd card that is formated for a ps2vita reader.

  9. d4rk51d3

    Bid placed. 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up.

  10. andoryuu3

    @Wololo: IMHO, a huge benefit to PSVSD versus SD2Vita is the ability to retain a free game card slot for creating legal backups of physical copies of our games. Definitely not pointing fingers at ANYONE, but simply stating the fact: Not all of us are pirates!

    I imagine I will set my 3G Vita up with a PSVSD, fix it with a 256GB MicroSD and call it “done”. It’s more than enough storage for my physical games and my PSN purchases to live in harmony. It’ll be my portable gaming jukebox of sorts.

    (Which btw, now that we have MicroSD support in Henkaku, I think the last time I was this excited about console hacking was the original Xbox days… These two hardware mods really set the Vita scene on fire!)

  11. catmato

    Maybe he should offer it to ” one of the people who donated $20 but did not choose to actually receive an item.” (his words), the people who somehow *** up the indiegogo donation. Seems like they should be offered to those people first.

  12. medwardl

    I’m wondering if it would work on a non 3g fat model if it was soldered to the existing pads along with the firmware hack.

  13. Wiz

    Just got my today in the mail

  14. Bob

    I think PSVD is the only solution for me to get a SD card on the vita. No being able to play my physical games would be a waist. Lucky i purchased 3 boards when they were being sold. Have 2 3g motherboards ready to be installed when my 200GB SD card and PSVD arrive.

  15. cainkirisgai

    i was one of the lucky ones to get one………….but one of the unlucky ones to get stuck screws that are now stripped and trying many ways to get them out

    • cainkirisgai

      SUCCESS!!!!!!!! I was able to drill out stripped screws now to install this bad boy and hope I didnt bork the screen

  16. Jok3rz_customs

    Is there any specific way to format the sd card once installed? And do i need to install specific software or is it preinstalled with enso?

    • cainkirisgai

      exfat or fat32 and yes you need the usbmc vpk. he put a link up top for everyone to go to for directions on how to install/use but here it is again

      • Jok3rz_customs

        Much appreciated. Everything works fine for me except adrenaline for some reason

        • cainkirisgai

          i just won that fight my friend you need to put the adrenaline folder in ur0 and then in the tai config file switch anything from ux0 to ur0 and you should be golden. if you want to make bootable bubbles for psp games and ps1 games thats a bit trickier need to find a new modded version of adrenaline as well as move over the bubble maker folder to ur0 and switch that in the config file as well

  17. Rezin Khanz