Should you get a retro micro-console (such as the NES classic edition)? Advantages and disadvantages discussed


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  1. StopIt says:

    “since you could play older console games on your existing hardware such as an old computer”

    Just no, no, no, and no. Original Master Race.

    • WTH says:

      Master Race??? You freakin Nazi! 😛

    • ZeroSbr says:

      But it’s not even real original hardware. Just a cheap plug and play.

    • Dude Guy says:

      It really blows my mind how many people believe these new official devices are somehow original and different from emulators. They’re not. It is literally no different in any possible way other than the fact that it’s being sold by the company that originally made it. In fact, some of the knockoff boxes out there that use FPGA boards are closer to the original than both these systems and emulators.

  2. Jack Attack says:

    Pretty sure there isn’t a micro-console that works as well as the Nintendo Classic did. Which is sad because it didn’t exactly do anything mind-blowing. But its features are better, better filters and better emulation.

    If there’s a microconsole that has a great CRT-filter that goes beyond simple scanlines, please point me towards it.

  3. tech3475 says:

    One potential reason to get one in the case of the Nintendo classic consoles is that they’re more collectable due to their limited release.

    They’re probably the only micro-console I’ve seen which is really worth considering compared to others such as the bittboy or anything by atgames (you can get many unencrypted Sega ROMs legitimately through Steam, last I checked), unless you need/want something which is 100% legitimate (if officially licensed of course).

    Also, if we’re talking about the environment, an old computer could be a bad way to play old games depending on how much power it uses compared to modern ARM based systems such as the RPi.

  4. PSVitaNoob says:

    “A major disadvantage to micro-consoles such as the NES classic edition and the BittBoy is that you can’t add any games of your own to them. You can only play what’s built-in and nothing more!”

    In a way, you’re correct. The NES classic was never meant to have extra games added. You’re also very wrong, because the Nes Classic was hacked and one could add 700+ games! Just search Google, for NES Classic 700 games, and you’ll find out how!

    People should forget these “mini” things though, and just get something like a PI 3, and pimp it out with more than one emulator!

  5. Alex says:

    I think the best option for ‘micro console’ is RPi. There is so many emulators for this little device that you can forget about Snes and Nes mini

  6. Demian says:

    Well, you’ve got a point in the sense of playability, as I can play any game I’d like from the NES catalogue using my PSP/PSVita, and in a portable way, somthing that a “mini” can’t give me.
    On the other hand, this kind of devices are “popular” because of the nostalgia they bring to “oldies” like me. And for me at least, that’s something even more valuable than the quantity of games they provide.

    And about that the NES Mini isn’t “upgradeable” is not true, as there exists a program that can modify the games and even add a lot more to the internals of the console, so you can increase the catalogue of games.

  7. Tha_Dat says:

    I completely disagree.

  8. Raspberry Pi is a great for retro gaming emulation, but I prefer to have something made by Nintendo. I’m a *** for boxed Nintendo products. Also its good to have a 1st party controller!

  9. rjshooter says:

    For ppl who have more money to spent and likes originality or collector, it’s a good choice. But if ppl wants to save money, it’s not really that great IMHO.I’ll stick with emulators.

  10. Xerain says:

    This article I actually didn’t address the key points I came here looking for. It’s common knowledge that the NES Mini blows the WiiU virtual console away in both picture and sound quality. But I was wondering how it compares to emulators running on a laptop or other device with HDMI out.

    In other words I want to know if Nintendo had some sort of secret sauce code in their emulation their micro consoles that have them mapping pixels to the HD TVs more accurately, or something.

  11. djluiluv says:

    Raspberry Pi III. (Mic drop)

  12. cavin says:

    Pro: you can buy the limited SNES Retro and sell it for a lot more money after they are sold out

  13. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    PSTV w/DS4/usb hdd eats NES mini and deficates a pi.

  14. Panda says:

    “A major disadvantage to micro-consoles such as the NES classic edition and the BittBoy is that you can’t add any games of your own to them.”

    Bruh, have you not heard about the homebrew community hacking and adding/subtracting roms in NES Classic Editions? Last I checked, you could even put games in that aren’t even from the NES era onto it.

    • Panda says:

      And before everyone else points it out, yes, that’s homebrew hacking and not official stuff. But it’s still something you can do with the console, contrary to what that disadvantage states.

  15. ThisIsn'tMyFinalForm says:

    Office depot carries sega genesis and atari 2600 micro consoles that take actual cartridges and can be hooked up to actual controllers for those systems. They’re very popular with the 40+ crowd.

  16. ChaosExMachina says:

    Why should I buy an expensive “closed” system when you can buy nice “open” hardware bundles that do so much more then just gaming.
    Like this one for example:

  17. Fimo says:

    In my living room I have replaced all my consoles (Wii X360 PS3 PS4) & media players, chromecast by a single powerfull PC, I dont need another box and that mess with all those HDMI cables.

  18. CycloneFox says:

    PSTV is easily the best micro-console. Even without adrenaline or henkaku. But with, it’s even better.

  19. yoshi314 says:

    “That means that you’ll be buying a single-purpose device that you can’t use for anything else except to play a limited selection of games, some of which you may not even like!”

    honestly, that’s how i feel after getting a pstv, when i compare it to what psp had to offer.

    in general, that argument can be applied to just about any console (maybe except for ps2).

  20. EJ says:

    You could make some of the bad things written here about a lot of things. We don’t NEED a lot of things. 🙂

  21. mixedfish says:

    No disadvantages to Nintendo Classic consoles, they are modern collectibles that will only go up in price.

    Buy one now or you’ll regret it in 10 years time.

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