DSMotion released – Motion controls for your PSTV with your DS3/DS4


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  1. pez2k says:

    Good to see the community expanding the playable library on the PSTV – it’s getting the love that Sony never seemed to bother with.

  2. BujoO says:

    if the vita/TV community can do this supports.. why can’t SONY did?.. or they just abandoned the device -.-

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      They pretty much did as you said. Abandoned the device. As for why they didn’t add this support……They claimed difficulty in adding most vita functions to a device that doesn’t have all of the vita hardware. Although those are completely capable of being worked around as hackers are showing.

      The only thing I can’t wait for is when most plugins are optimized for retail games as well as dumps. It’s do-able. Just depends on the work ethic of the plugin developer.

  3. qwerqwer says:

    The DS3 has an accelerator?

  4. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    Ooooohhhhhhh yyyeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!1

  5. TheTechDoc says:

    amazing just how much the community has to do to fix what sony just pushed aside, I have pirated every sony made and published game on vita that I want cus *** them they do not deserve money on a platform they abandoned and left for dead,

    I love the vita community, keen to see what comes in the future.

  6. Demian says:

    This is great.
    But, isn’t more convenient to make the Vita do this all? What I mean is that if connecting a DS3/DS4 is doable, why hasn’t been doable with the Vita itself? It has Bluetooth connection too. And many PSTV users also have a Vita.
    I would buy a PSTV if the Vita was able to be used as input for it. That’ll be great.

    • G4nz says:

      For Sony Vita is nothing more than a PS4 Addon, and PSTV is nothing more than a TV streaming box. They just don’t care about anything else

      • Demian says:

        I wasn’t talking about that lame brand owner. But, about those great plugin devs out there. They can do things that lame brand owner can’t and/or don’t want/care to do as they only think on their income.

  7. Diogo Pedroso says:

    Does this work on the normal PsVita 1000? , my giroscope is not working sooooo maybe here is some hope for me

    • OperationNT says:

      A limitation I put on my github wasn’t reported on this article:
      “It doesn’t work well on classic PS Vita with “ds4vita”: for an unknown reason, motion control samples seems to be too much spaced over time.”
      So you can try, you will get “some” results…

    • neoman4426 says:

      There are plugins for connecting certain Bluetooth controllers on the handheld Vitas, try one of those out in conjunction with this, worst case scenario it doesn’t work, you’ve wasted a few minutes of your time, and can put in a feature request. Best case, it just works

  8. warfaren says:

    This is incredible. Thank you so much!!

  9. Icedcream says:

    Exciting times! Things are moving forward quickly!

  10. NickWiss says:

    Pan has been hacked

  11. Sony didn’t want PSTV owners to play all Vita games they owned so they didn’t bother doing workarounds for certain PSVita-only features

  12. ludo king says:

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