RetroArch 1.6.6 released – New Mobile UI for Android and iOS


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  3. Loel says:

    Aurora be my gf please???

  4. p0ng says:

    There’s a bug in this version (scan directory doesn’t work). Fixed in 1.6.7 version

  5. Smoker1 says:

    For Vita: I think it should be known, that somewhere along the way, for PSX Games the Disk Swap Feature got messed with. Tried running Action Replay and Hydro Thunder but it did not exactly work out that well. However, dont give up: if you have a Device like the Windows Build where you can get the Cheats Database Downloaded, put the Cheats Directory in…..
    Run the Game, at the VERY start of the Game, get into the RA Menu, go down to Cheats, Load Cheat File, suggest using GameShark, Select which Codes you want, then go to Apply Changes and wait 3 Seconds to make sure. Works good so far.

  6. ManekiNeko says:

    That might be a problem for Android TV users. (Both of us.)

  7. Dante says:

    Unfortunately the PS3 version needs more attention. Sadly. We face a lot of bugs with cores/network

  8. RetroArch 1.6.6 brings along a lot of new additions!