RPCS3 – The PS3 emulator for the PC that can play a decent amount of games!


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  1. Gio says:

    How does it work Demon’s Souls?

  2. gunblade says:


  3. sadsad says:

    thanks dude

  4. Blast Processing says:

    You can check out videos of gameplay footage of games running in RPCS3 here

  5. BenoitRen says:

    > Lots of work has been done on getting Persona 5, a recent release, working the best it could on RPCS3

    So the focus is on piracy. *sigh*

    • Seth says:

      I wouldn’t say that. It shows that they are focusing on a game that will be using the system to its full potential. By getting that game to work then others might work out of the fact that they are supporting as many system features as possible.

      • JackM says:

        But P5 isn’t that kind of game. The engine is really simple and not much is going on in terms of tech. Something like TLoU or GTA V would be a much better showcase.

  6. Sky Yuki says:

    As I was about to download this I realised I already have PS3 sitting next to me

    • Morgana is a male? says:

      man, I’m glad my ps3’s still working fine (holds his ds3 controller and smiling)

  7. DarkLink1996 says:

    I would prefer if they focused more on exclusives rather than recent multiplats. Being able to run something like MGS4 should be a priority.

  8. WahteverOblastshey says:

    I have to say this; Way too early for an Emulator. It is, essentially, a Piracy tool at this moment in time. PS3s are still available widely in EU, US and South America. They’re also one of the cheapest consoles going, cheaper, in some region, to a 3DS/2DS/New….

    Give it another 5 years… PS3 has already stopped manufacture in Japan and this is a trend that will continue. Japan is very fast to pick up new hardware, so it is normal for EU, US and BLOC countries to continue sales. Really really not needed and just an excuse for people to sell their *** off.

  9. Ethan Weegee says:

    wow those low specs of a laptop still beat my main.

  10. Sky Trails says:

    may I ask what website do you download ps3 games.

  11. Sky Trails says:

    can’t. not working. is this because I’m on window 10. I saw your screenshot is window 7. nah that’s stupid if it is.

  12. Ivoyko says:

    I have 3 games, only one of them works… and it have to be installed and i dont have enough space on my hdd. GG lmao. But nice work.

  13. chernobylparty says:

    I’ve read reports of RPCS3 deleting arbitrary files. Probably not intentional on the part of devs, but I’d wait for it to mature a bit.

  14. JohnDoe says:

    Or you can simply make a free trial account on PS Now and play PS3 games.

  15. Blinky says:

    I updated my Hyperspin project with this and it works perfectly!! Alot of games not on the list are working fine as well….

  16. charlo says:

    “so try to dump your own games”

    suuure, suuuuure

  17. Prase says:

    SUPER! Will it work in i5=2800 8gb RAM and 730GT?
    Where is my MGS4 support!?