Pro Camera Vita released – Make your camera much more useful


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  1. Mike Jones

    I never used the vita camera, but I love that this exists!

  2. Chris Burdick

    (YAWN) Boring! What else is new?

  3. Demian

    Didn’t knew the Vita had cameras… 😛

    The app itself look really useful, but can’t say the same about the crappy cameras on the Vita. Another thing that was overlooked by the crappy brand owner.

  4. sfa2miki

    Nice work!…

  5. breakin'

    United states will be destroyed for the gret north korean lead kim jong un

  6. thelastnoob

    Guy’s this is really good. I dropped my dslr on my way to photograph a wedding for my company. I thought all was over until I used my PsVita to capture special moments at the wedding. Guests were amazed and no one suspected I was the main photographer as they thought I was playing games.

  7. lollypop

    sd2vita possibilities when linux would be ported from psp to psvita
    plex home server for movies on the go and a big sd (foto or music)
    a linux facebook app
    adrenaline-linux edition
    running a distro debian ubuntu or gentoo
    netsat viewer
    in short running all sort of apps with pfun while its not intended
    and not forget microwindows crt0 xnano and mine

  8. lollypop

    ubuntu recovery after all is just allso only a busybox
    witch would let u restore ubuntu from staging
    but what i like most on my 3gvita is ubuntu-mobile

  9. The application gets you the most you can get out of the camera!

  10. wingsio

    Oh, great, your article gives me useful information and a fresh perspective on the subject.

  11. yify

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  12. the Vita. Another thing that was overlooked by the crappy brand owner !!!!!

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