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microSD adapters for SD2Vita. Which one should you buy?


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52 Responses

  1. Almeric

    Can’t believe… FIRST again…

  2. Icedcream

    I made some of my own. Very staight foward. Cost me all in all around £14. I got 6 units out of it and one thing I will recommend though is using flux!

  3. WolfRamiO

    i am waiting for one with case and selled on aliexpress

  4. edlc

    Anyone selling adapters at around $15 is trying to make money. The PCBs and sockets cost little at high volume. Unless you are incapable of soldering or impatient, just build your own or buy from China.

    • -_-

      well obviously they are trying to make money, if you made your own to sell wouldn’t you want a little profit for the effort put in?

      • edlc

        It’s a big “*** you” to the community. I doubt any of their profits will go towards manufacturing an adapter similar to the Cobra Blackfin.

      • edlc

        It’s a big middle finger to the community. I doubt any of the profits will fund an adapter similar to the Cobra Blackfin.

        • BenoitRen

          Why would we want *** like the Cobra Blackfin?

        • yea but...

          Any dudes making them is entitled to a little profit for their work they put into it, time and effort is money, they are not doing it out the kindness of their hearts….this is the internet lol.
          Also they don’t have the same resources as for example the Chinese manufacturers.

        • Jack Attack

          No it’s not. If you can solder, do it yourself. If you can’t, you have to pay for a SERVICE.

          Making things accessible that normally wouldn’t be is the opposite of what you’re idiotically saying. Go figure, people’s time costs money. Don’t like it, learn to do it yourself.

  5. Beforeitstoolate

    I just bought my adapter quickly from the link in the article ( must be a trustworthy person to be put in here ) before he sold out.
    Thanks for this great article ^-^

  6. Citadal

    wish we can make a dc emu would love to play multi disk with the sd adapter
    like the game packs in this vid
    looks gd

  7. Sholid

    I ordered mine on eBay… so impatient. Ordered on the 29th of July. I’m PO’d now that I won’t get my PSP games going on my new PSVita Slim. Does anybody know if they would work by installing Adreneline through my PSTV, then passing it over to my Vita? Just wondering if the Vita needs to be activated to run PSP games when already installed.

  8. Ricomac

    Still prefer to pay to avoid to use my tools If any solders are wrong, I will use it to do the insurance quality., so the 3$ is ok for me.

  9. fluk3

    Any plugin that lets you use content downloader or usb in vitashell with the sd2vita adapter?

  10. Vitagaming

    Once you load the sdcard plugin in the right location it works great with Enso. One problem I got a message at the very bottom that says the Vita can only display 100 bubbles at a time and to create folders so then you can have more bubbles shown. Is there another way to increase this 100 bubble limit? Also I get an error with Vitashell and the Usb connection to pc doesn’t work properly when I remove the 4gb vita memory so I just put the 128gb sd into the pc when I want to copy games onto the vita. This is probly the best feature of a sd2vita that it is removable and I wouldn’t want to open up my vita every time to add games to a psvsd 3g slot adapter. And who cares if the Sd2vita takes up a game slot because I see it as a 100 game multicart. Thanks to the Devs!

  11. gunblade

    is there a differnce in the color or the boards seen red black and green.

  12. gunblade

    how big of sd cards work. last i heard it was 64gb.

  13. DanDare

    Im using 128gb no problems, only got 12gb left already

  14. billy

    Got a chinese one and worked perfectly. Was shipped in a box and even came with a manual how to setup the SD card

  15. billy

    Got one from China. Worked instantly and was packaged in a box. Even came with a manual how to setup the SD card

    • Vitagaming

      Cool does it have any logo on it? the one I got from ebay is a plain red one. I got it from ebay bc I couldn’t wait for the first order I placed with alibaba, idk when it will get here 😐

  16. Bargo

    What a useless piece of… an article.
    Thanks for wasting our time.