My unexpected encounter with a Sony Engineer


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  1. Gio says:

    Jaja muy buena anécdota, esperemos que este ingeniero conozca tus verdaderos sentimientos con respecto a la scene.

  2. cavin says:

    lovely story <3

  3. Shinigati says:

    That’s amazing i’m glad you guys got to enjoy your little chat but honestly i wouldn’t let it bother you if he knew you were behind, as long as you’re not working on anything that promotes piracy i think it should be 100% fine to talk about like it’s no big deal but hey that’s just me. hopefully you guys get to meet up again sometime in the future.

    • Vicsidious says:

      I don’t think the arwardness did stay long, but it’s always a little uncomfortable when somebody tells you he knows something you didn’t know he knew! (Am I making sense here?)

  4. YouCanSendMeAMail says:

    Ok, now I wanna know… Which engineering school did you attend to ? 😀
    That’s one more “notable alumni” to add to their list !
    Généraliste ? Élec ? Info ?

  5. gunblade says:

    Sounds like fun. Hope you had a good time and congrats to you homie.

  6. DarkAlex says:

    A few months ago i was working in the development for PS4 SLIM and PS4 PRO, becouse in the past i was make somethings for PSP to make that system free to install homebrews…
    The companys only search people whit special conditions to works him in security…
    Great Blog wololo!!

  7. Meysam25 says:

    That was so cool , but how did he know you

  8. joemama says:

    Did you guys go behind the bushes?

  9. AmbassatorC says:

    It’s nice to be noticed even when nobody mentioned anything. Remember hes your competitor no matter how you view it that’s just the types of people a corporation like sony look for in a individual. Stay in the direction of MR.ROBOT and remember how far you have come!

  10. Hanzyusuf says:

    i wont say much but heres a small guidance towards the answer you are seeking for:
    deep web (dark web)….some real tricky things are hiding up the big corporations’ (sony, microsoft, etc.) sleeves

  11. hmm says:

    This love story is still better than twilight

  12. Steven says:

    This was a good Morning Read TY @Wololo

  13. PlaGeRaN says:

    not really surprised there lol! it always takes an outsider to show you what your missing inhouse. lmao!!!!

  14. nebu_187 says:


  15. Agnes says:

    I think that it’s the best story, that i’ve read in wololo!

  16. Salar says:

    😀 Nice , these stuff that happens in life is amazing

  17. fred says:

    i smell bull

  18. Nnuma says:

    Hi Wololo, I would like to know if it could be posible that you tell us what was your engineering school in France ? I’m 18 and would like to become an computer engineer, I already know a lot of interresting schools but don’t know what they are worth in computing/programing.

    • wololo says:

      I went through one of the national engineering schools of the ENSI group. There are lots of pretty good engineering schools out there in France if you make it high enough in the entrance exams. Feel free to email me at wagic.the.homebrew at gmail if you want to discuss more.

      • Nnuma says:

        Hi there, thanks a lot for the reply 🙂 I know the ENSI group and some others like the INSA group or UT. I would be glad to discuss with you about that, if your not too busy. I will prepare an email with a few questions if you want to answer it.

  19. Flashed says:

    Where’s the private/public key?

  20. Panzer says:

    And this is why you always carry around some Pocket Sand.

  21. PSPUMD says:

    wow~~ what do you know~~, amazing story. Thanks for sharing, interesting.

  22. Demian says:

    Something you learn when you get into IT/Electronics is that on one side, we do this for profit, and on the other side, we do it because it fills some space inside of us that makes us happy.
    Myself, I’m about to become an engineer, but got interested on electronics as a kid, 6/7 years maybe, as I was in front of a computer at middle school. Long time after that, I had the need to know “how it worked”, that’s how I got into electronics repair business.

    Nice story you shared… thanks for the memories it takes from deep on my box.

  23. Albert C says:

    I dont do wives

  24. wiseman says:

    Get real dude, there’s no such thing as “happy ending”

  25. SilicaAndPina says:

    but how did he know who you where.. thats a bit creepy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sony anon could have probably correlated a French person moving to and from Tokyo to other cities alongside Wololo’s personal social footprint.

  26. FreePlay says:

    Heh, that’s funny. I actually mentioned my PSP hacking activities in a software job interview and the guys doing the interview seemed impressed. Gotta love geeks 🙂

  27. What A sweet love story. Next time try having a conversation about why his company has been stealing other devs emulation coding but not putting it to use. Well it was only put to use for these ps4 remaster games and some of the ps2 classics for the ps3. Overall i pity sony in general for the way they handle small groups or companies with litigation tactics.

  28. Blue says:

    If you were worried about revealing the guy’s information, you probably shouldn’t have revealed that he went to a French engineering school and went to a wedding in Tokyo several weeks ago.

    I realize Sony’s a large company, but there probably aren’t too many who fit just those two criteria.

  29. Anonymous says:

    SDK hacking level; Crash Bandicoot 1

  30. lol says:

    Lol. As if you have done anything at all lately.

  31. This is so cool Wololo, having a chance to talk to a Sony engineer and talk about games and other fun stuff and of course knowing any secret project or a next gen game to be released from Sony. It must be cloud

  32. evans says:

    If your distant friend can easily guess about your online identity, who knows how much “big brother” know about you.
    If I were you, I’ll start packing and keep a copy of entire wololo site in a USB stick.. xD XD

  33. Zellcorp says:

    You could have kidnapped him for key info gezzzz

  34. Asbhel_Lhant says:

    Don’t let it bother you, what he said is true. Sony and any other companies does in fact search the web for possible exploits and hacks. It not only shows them what they should be acting against but show them some aspects that they lacked or implemented that doesn’t work for us. One good example is making the memory card require CMA/PS3 just so you can back-up files and saves.

  35. DarkLink1996 says:

    Reminds me of that story of Miyamoto being intrigued by Super Mario Land running on a PSP.