Mod released to let you use Adrenaline with uma0: for the PSVita/PSTV


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  1. vitagaming says:

    I thought this article would be about using Adrenaline without a psp bubble 🙁 but still great news for sd users.

  2. VitaNoob says:

    But why bother? With enso installed. Just copy everything from your Vita memcard to the USB, then install the yifanlu USBMC installer. Giving you a plugin for enso, so the USB becomes ux0: at boot. 128GB USB sticks don’t cost that much these days. Then you can forget about the Vita memcard for good, and no messing about unplugging and plugging the USB.

  3. HerbalNekoTea says:

    And i did propose a concept similar on reddit (just throwed the idea) and those circle jerker was saying my idea was bad… Guess someone did saw my thread or had the same idea.

  4. anon says:

    uma0 support is made by TheFlow for the next release,
    This guy just compiled the latest sources.

    • Aurora says:

      The guy that made the mod released it before TheFlow’s commit so I assume that TheFlow merged BenMitnicK’s source code. I may be wrong tho but TheFlow said he was busy so I doubt he was working on Adrenaline too much.

      • BlackBrain says:

        I agree with you Aurora, cause we can see on BenMitNick website that he fixed two bugs after initial release, and first fix is from August 1st… So when TheFloW commit this, BenMitNick was fixing things.

    • The Zett says:

      This could’ve easily been added via hex-editing the previous version.
      A proper implementation is of course better.

  5. nascarjk says:

    Has anyone with a PSVita using SD2Vita placed a vpk on uma0: and installed it there? Would the vpk automatically place it self in ux0:? I’m asking because vitashell currently does not support SD2Vita and when you connect your vita to your PC via USB vitashell opens uma0:

  6. andres ossa says:

    so i cant get adrenaline to boot using adrenaline easy installer using either psp game (gow or echochrome) i have tried with this mod and without it…any ideas guys `

  7. sj33 says:

    This is actually really cool for people like me with 64GB memory cards who don’t want their cards to be useless once their SD2Vita arrives. That space can be used for PSP and PS1 games. Also great is the ability to switch between storage devices at will.

  8. Kisaten says:

    Works good cept that it breaks the individual game adrenaline bubbles (since bubble manager cant detect uma) can’t wait for the full adrenaline update (hoping that everything gets cooked in.)

  9. Daniel Morillo says:

    Hello, I’ve had an issue with this pluggin.. I’ve using this pluggin since the first day you published.. Well, today I tried to play a game using adrenaline, but the Sony Memory wasn’t active.. I thought it was a problem with the SD pluggin, so I made all the process to charge the Sony Memory as a UMA0, and it worked… After installing the adrenaline pluggin again the UMA0 dissapeard.. The console wasn’t recognize the memory.. I had to format it within the PS intern menu…

  10. LocoROCO says:

    why would i want to use it in uma0 if i can use it in ux0 ?? no offense but i see this useless tbh

    • Daniel says:

      Well.. A couple of weeks ago we began to use Sd2vita, which was made by XYZ.. It was supposed to subsitute the Sony Memory by Sd2vita.. Now we have the opportunite to use Both memories at the same time… If you have a sony memory yo can use its space for playing psp games and the micro sd memory for playing Ps vita’s games (vpks).. It’s up to you if you use both memories or just one…

  11. edfsdgwrhb3tferg says:

    the link to the download is dead is there any mirror?? I really need this

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