RetroArch 1.6.3 – Released


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. CanadianAidan

    Thanks for the continued support on the Vita!

  2. 2333


  3. Juniorpsvita

    Cps3 full speed.Plis

  4. EccentricModder

    I hope they can get around to providing Bluetooth keyboard support or maybe over USB if possible, the DOSbox emulator sorely needs it.

  5. Carlo

    Does it support n64 emulation?

  6. Smoker1

    Dont bother Updating the RetroArch Cores on a N3DS. Not worth it. They worked better with the 1.6.0. Build if you still have it.
    Vita Users expecting better CPS3: Anywhere from 39-50FPS just like the pFBA Mod that was released.. All the other Cores seem to run great.

  7. Makein

    What emulators works in full speed on Vita?

  8. Vshare

    RetroArch 1.6.3 brings along a lot of new additions!

  9. scrabble

    Retro Arch 1.6.3 is the upgraded version which every one should download.

  10. Oniakuma

    What retroarch needs to do is make it compatible with ps vita update 3.65! Its been over a year and it still only works on 3.60!

  11. noor

    Thanks to its dust away hard floor attachment which keeps the hard floors shiny and the brush roll shutoff makes sure to clean the carpets and bare floor effectively.