PS4 Firmware 4.73 released, blocks MTX Key, ban reports on shared piracy accounts


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  1. blah says:

    Fiiiiiirst…probably not

  2. bakaneko says:

    PS4 can’t be hacked, so sad 🙁

  3. Bowwowser says:

    F**K it

  4. mten666 says:

    PS4 will remain unhacked. It’s already 5 years since the machine released. There are things we just need to let go. Needless drama will always kill the PS4 scene, no matter what. Personally, I’m tired of waiting. I don’t like selfish hackers. Keep their petty secrets to themselves. It’s not like I can’t buy the games I care for, but for me, it’s all about the stuff they cut out to sell them as DLC-s. And I’m not a fan of costume DLCs, something which should be unlockables to begin with.

    • HerbalNekoTea says:

      It was release in late 2013, so it has not been 4 year yet. All you can does atm’s resign some game save downloaded online, nothing else. Pratical to get Persona 5 Platinum on PS4 in you missed some trophy (nobody did save state for PS3).

    • Fallenleader says:

      and you sir, are full of ***, as we already have a private POC working for a bunch of firmwares already.
      Once we can get webkit on latest, we will confirm if kxploit still works all the way up to recent firm. that being said,
      4.72 should definitely be avoided.
      Also, 4.07 is definitely exploited and guaranteed.

      • Fallenleader says:

        comment was botched by their stupid filters.
        Less than or equal to 4.07 is the gold spot.
        anything higher than 4.07 is questionable, but anything higher than 4.72 should be avoided. 4.73 MIGHT be safe still, but there is no telling until we have a working webkit on 4.72/3

      • mten666 says:


        Just give up already. It’s not gonna happen. Private POC? Yeah, I’m eagerly await the next drama, when something will happen. The PS hacking scene is about a bunch of egoists. I have patience, I can wait for hacks if there’s an evidence for it. But all I see are crybaby hackers. Meanwhile PSVita and 3DS scenes are flourishing because the people who working on it are not a bunch of selfish… indivisuals. I’m not full of ***. If anything, I’m a realist.

        • ZeroFX says:

          “hurr durr, we have a private poc that my mom said that will rock other kids ps4’s”… They are the gods of ps4! BEHOLD! bunch of charlatans…

  5. dmaskell92 says:

    This wasn’t even a hack, there was no hope for homebrew. It was solely meant for Piracy. I don’t know why covers piracy devices, but I say if you want to pirate current gen games without pulling your hair out get a PC.

  6. vitagaming says:

    I’m staying put on 4.50 fw, I play offline Horizon,Wildlands,RE7 Biohazard,Watch Dogs 2

    • Fallenleader says:

      smart move. 4.55 and 4.07 are also safe, but don’t budge till we have a definite final firm to announce.

  7. Waters@theFIVE says:

    As the vita the ps4 will be fully hacked but to an extent. While darkdevs and mainstream low key devs mess around with the firmware and other key elements its important to never release your full hand until you know for sure you got the table dead to rights.

  8. altemecya says:

    Glad to hear that. I hate this kind of device (remember PS3’s trueblue?)

  9. Joe says:

    The PS4 hack will be released by the time everybody’s playing their PS7…pointless and sad.

    • Fallenleader says:

      OOOOR, it could simply be a matter of the fact Sony still hasn’t patched the kxploit were using yet, and being patient is a virtuous thing.
      No one is obligated to give you ***. You don’t pay our bills, buy our food, roof our heads, or provide our internet connections.
      Try enjoying your device for what you (hopefully should have) bought it for: Games.
      If you do that, any gracious gift from the hacking scene would be a bonus to your PS4 experience.

    • Darkflamemaster says:

      And little Kiddies stop crying once the PS14 is released…. Pointless and das indeed

  10. giorgos says:

    chinese manufacters pwnd

  11. Poopman says:

    Still on 4.00 and don’t even mind it because there’s literally nothing on this console that’s a must play if you own a PC.

  12. The dumbest one says:

    In my country MTX Key still working

  13. KinetiClasH says:

    Im cuban, MTX still working on 4.73 and people are being scamed.

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