Nintendo Switch: hackers warn against updating to firmware 3.0.1


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  1. sj33

    A quick look at history suggests that there’s no point keeping a console on an ancient firmware unless you are trying to find exploits yourself. If the firmware version is too far away from current firmware then it doesn’t attract many homebrew developers, especially with the current trend of groups sitting on 0-day exploits and never releasing them.

    I kept my PS4 on 3.57 for the longest time until I gave up and updated so I can actually play new games on the thing. It was a good decision.

    • azoreseuropa

      Bad decision and you gave up very easily. You will regret it. 🙁

      We kept our PS4 on 2.57 for the longest time than you have and we haven’t gave up at all and we refused to do it. We have PS3 jailbreak so we can enjoy it for a while no problem.

      • bjohn

        if you can afford it, the smart decision is to grab a 2nd console and keep it new in box

      • Jack Colon

        Well realistically if you are serious about CFW you ideally want 2 consoles. Situations like this are a great example why. If you tell people not to update and you keep your exploits private you are basically telling people to stop using their console altogether. Its just easier to have an extra low firmware console collecting dust waiting for an exploit than being paranoid about updates and the intentions of anonymous hackers.

        Ive always bought 2 of every console, and have never regretted it. Worst case scenario you have an instant replaceme t when you need it, and being one update over an exploit can always be fixed by just buying another console. Its always an investment that pays for itself.

      • Ukl

        Regret what ? Having a PS4 and use it, enjoy great games, have fun, support devs ? Theres no point to stay on 2.57 since most hackers have stuff working with 4.50.

        Buying 2xPS4 is also terrible since that Sony / Microsoft will release more and more new version of their console like Apple / Samsung do. 300/400€ for a PS4 Fat (back in the days), just taking dust, that’s well spend money, you could have buy 25 games with that. Not to mention that all new games MUST be optimised for PS4 Pro.

        2017 have been INSANE on PS4, so many good games released. Sure you will still be able to play them in 1-3-5-10-20 years but life is short, enjoy while you can.

        That’s my gamer point of view and i guess it’s the same for the majority of the people that are not still stuck on PS2/PS3.

        People do what they want obviously but if you are a gamer i think you should give up, it’s almost 4 years now and again games are really really cheap now: 4 months after release they all go down to 25€, wait a year it’s easy 15-20€.

  2. ZGN

    first ? 😀

  3. datdude

    Let me correct that last sentence for you:
    Easier said than done obviously, given that even though the console is in stock everywhere in real life stores by now, it is still heavily overpriced and buying a second one of these plastic toys wouldn’t seem reasonable.

  4. Bowwowser

    Back in the day Nintendo used to be good.

  5. Infen

    If you want homebrew of any kind the solution is simple. Buy a cheap android tablet and controller. It’s cheaper, doesn’t require an exploit as has very good compatability Upto PSX games.

  6. test

    I am still on 1.0. Is there a chance for me to catch this?

  7. Ukl

    Switch has so few games so whats the point of not updating ? If they find a hack you will only be able to play BotW / MK8 …

    • Fallenleader

      see, this is the wrong mindset about exploits.
      hacking a device doesn’t mean piracy.
      hacking a device is an understood that you might lose some features in order to keep said hack.
      Some people are early adopters.
      Some will wait for a more stable sploit.
      Some people miss the train altogether, especially if there is no hardware method to exploit it later (PS3).
      If you want a guaranteed sploit and the possibility it will be upgradable in the future (A9LH/sighax), then don’t update. If you do update because you are an impatient person, don’t complain. it is that simple.


    This is all we have been looking for.

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