How do you properly back up your PSVita’s activation files!


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  1. Michael says:

    Hi, I just bought a PSTV on 3.60. I entered my Sony account email but I didn’t go to the Sony store yet, do you know how I can check if my PSTV is activated?

  2. Noobaloob says:

    Adrenaline without activation would be super…THE FLOW is the man, man! Fingers crossed for an early Christmas present!

    • SilicaAndPina says:

      theoretically its possible to get PSPEMU to run adrenaline directly. w/o hijacking an existing PSP game.

  3. R is a Cat says:

    hmmm, thanks for the toturial. its great

    well im just thinking can i backup the activication file with vitashell only ? coz in vitashell we can access it right ?

    • Aurora says:

      I suppose you can copy the files to ux0 or some other parition and keep them safe there till you can copy them to somewhere else.

      • f4 says:

        Some people on Reddit claimed you can place your backups in tm0: and they will be safe even through a system format.

      • Kisaten says:

        I copied the files to ux0 and then copied to the computer via usb.

        I don’t have the last myprofile.dat though. (I have not tried remote play on this vita yet, is there a way I can get the system to make this file?)

  4. dat boi says:

    well i have an unopened vitatv

  5. TesseractE says:

    Well, that’s what I get for not keeping up on the latest. I tried with my PSTV and it didn’t work, so I figured I’d try again with my Vita and that gave me the same error. ^^;

    I went into the files listed, and the only one out of the three critical ones that’s been updated as of today was vd0:/registry/system.dreg . The other two still have older ‘last modified’ dates. Does this not matter, or is my dreg file truly the only one that’s been ‘reset’? If so, would it be possible to just modify the Registry to get functionality back?

    • warfaren says:

      If Sony deactivates your Vita/PSTV, what basically happens is that the tm0:/npdrm/act.dat gets deleted, so if you go in the npdrm folder it will be empty. To fix it, just place the act.dat back in and restart the Vita and it will be activated again. It already happened to me twice and putting the file back fixed it both times!

      • TesseractE says:

        My Vita still has an act.dat in the npdrm folder with a modification date of 4/6/16, but I’m still getting the error. Heh… I was going to record some gameplay off my PSTV tonight, too. ^^;

  6. Gio says:

    Although my Vita is activated that does not mean that I will be able to download my legitimate games from the ps store?

  7. lola says:

    you can activate with the act.dat file alone, if you input your psn account details first in the trophy app and then transfer the file to your vita

  8. Some dude says:

    Not last

  9. np3228 says:

    how do you activate the vita again? you just copy those files back?

    • Aurora says:

      As far as I know, yes as long as they’re in the correct paths.

      • np3228 says:

        Alright, thanks.

      • _iDevIceXsi_ says:

        u said not log out you mean as in starting the psn app or being signed in ? which case is bad ??

        • BlackBrain says:

          I checked my Vita yesterday (I was only having act.dat file backup, so I had to backup other files), after transferring files using FTP, I deactivate my WiFi and just get a look at PSN settings to see I was logged to it !

          I didn’t tried to download anything from store, nor to activate/deactivate my Vita cause it was already activated, so I never had any error message on my Vita. This far everything is working as it should, my Vita is still activated… So seems like it’s not a problem. I just avoid generating famous error message.

  10. Niuwizhisigikaldi says:

    How do I know if my Ps vita is activated ? Thanks ! Sorry for noobism

  11. Michael says:

    I have an activated PS Vita and a non-activated PSTV, both in 3.60

    Can I copy the files from the Vita to the relevant paths of the PSTV to activate it?

    • _iDevIceXsi_ says:

      i have heaed that technically it should work if u have the activated files of a single console tho it will give a way all the persons passwords and details so be sure not to share it with anyone

    • Frank says:

      No, the file is unique to the device with user logged on.

  12. Dmaskell92 says:

    Thanks Aurora, I wasn’t aware of the extra activation files.

  13. M says:

    >> If you had used Account Manager before, your activation files are safe too. Just get them from “ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001”

    I used Adrenaline in my Vita but I don’t have that file/folder under SAVEDATA, just:
    * ARK_01234/ folder
    * ULES002620000/ folder

    Any idea if that means my activation files are gone?

    • Aurora says:

      Unless you used Account Manager, Account Switcher or you backed them up yourself, they’re gone. Adrenaline doesn’t back up activation files.

  14. geo says:

    Si cambiamos la fecha de creación de los archivos de activación?

    • Damian says:

      No pasa nada,necesitas hacer copias de los archivos antes de que te ponen en lista negra Sony,la lista es la de arriba, necesitas usar ftp FileZilla y copiar los archivos listados arriba.

      • Gio says:

        Si, lo que se me ocurrió en mi mente noob es que Sony ha bloqueado el acceso de las consolas que tienen un archivo Dat viejo, por eso decía que si ponemos una fecha de creación más reciente al dat podría permitirnos instalar nuestros juegos legítimos, yo he perdido 60gb en juegos legítimos usaba henkaku solo por el ds4vita xD

  15. Radcliff says:

    I hate using FTP clients because my connection isn’t exactly the best. So using Vitashell I just copied the files from tm0 and vd0 to my data folder and moved the copies to my computer via USB. That should work just as well right?

  16. Raph says:

    Why???? Is vita activation through epsp bubble installer 3.1 no longer working?

    • Michael says:

      Unfortunately that seems the case. I tried yesterday to activate with EPSP bubble installer and it didn’t allow me 🙁

  17. Im a Thief says:

    This stupid Sony doing some unnecessary thing for us i thought they abandon 3.60 users Ok here’s the thing even your PSV is activated you can’t still download any games that you bought on PSN it seems everyone are drag down to this

    But the good thing is once you manage to back up those files you can install adrenaline as your base game same as EPSP bubble installer except that you bought from PSN this is only for the PPL who manage to backup their files

    to those who miss this part and didnt manage to back up. your EPSP Bubble wont work you have to w8 a lil bit longer yifan will do something about this

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Sony isn’t doing this for our benefit by any stretch lol. They’re doing this specifically to cripple 3.60 users.

  18. wow says:

    this sux now. I uninstalled enso and then when I was back on vanilla 3.60 it wouldn’t read my 32gb vita memory card and wanted format it. I had to start over because I did a full restore and format and enso is still installed while I did this and my vita got deactivated and I have some glitch with epsp bubble installer (latest) where game doesn’t activate and throws and error E-… some numbers and only video/music was able to activate successfully. so I still can’t get a bubble installed now 😛

  19. scugy says:

    my vita is still activated but the account that is linked to it got banned by sony a couple of months ago

  20. yaou says:

    I would like to return ur what you put in your artticle, you can install adrealne or ark without needing to psn, through the ePSP_Bubble_Installer_v3.0 application

    • Megumigumi says:

      yes because u manage to back up the files and re install again try to delete those 3 files and lets see what happen

  21. Jm says:

    Cant you just get the file while on qcma?

  22. Yamaha says:

    Can i activate a different PS Vita Wirth that Backup Files ?

  23. fhansy says:

    is it safe sync ps trophy?

  24. Mr. MaGoo says:

    yo, just as an fyi, the ps3 trick still works with qcma. i just had o do that really quick as i am headed to California for the next 2 weeks here in a few hrs.. lol

    • Frank says:

      PS3 trick to activate with QCMA? Can you elaborate and explain steps you used?

    • Frank says:

      Ok I just figured out. You need to download a Vita game from the PS3 and then transfer it with QCMA on the PC and then shoot it back on the Vita on airplane mode with USB connected and the PS3 wifi closed then it will activate. I will try later tonight.

    • Aurora says:

      Hmm, some have said it doesn’t work as you can no longer copy games from your PS3. Can’t test it myself tho

  25. Chapu978 says:

    Hi, I own a 3.63 psvita but I had recently bought a 3.60 motherboard. Will my psvita be activated when I change the motherboard?
    How can I backup the activation file on 3.63 if it could be possible?

  26. SilicaAndPina says:

    You should also backup tm0:psmdrm/act.dat if you have it ^_^ its your PS Mobile activation

  27. the_importer says:

    This goes without saying, no PSN account, no way to backup and restore your save data 🙁

  28. Y3RT says:

    Why do you say this, “…a Vita without activation is just an expensive brick.” This is not the case at all. A better thing to have informed your readers is that you simply cannot activate your PlayStation games at this time. It’s not bricked, that just malarkey.

    • Aurora says:

      Please read the sentence before quoting. For me, a Vita without activation is close to an expensive brick since I mostly use it for PSP/PSX emulation. I have mentioned that you can’t play digital games further down the article too.

  29. Handy Fox says:

    I have a vita with the activation problem but my pstv is fine. Can I copy these files to my vita?

  30. Unfor says:

    Awesome. I was using my PSTV normally a couple of weeks ago (mostly for remote play), and now it’s not activated anymore. Ty $ony.

  31. Betamax says:

    Hierop use vita video activation ween theres no vita video service in Your country

  32. TechTomas says:

    Thanks!!!! Wololo, i really appreciate it, lots of love for the scene!!!!

  33. nebu_187 says:

    So if u dont connect to PSN Ur safe right?

    • Aurora says:

      Yeps, completely safe but I’d still have a proper backup tho just in case anything happens to your Vita that you didn’t predict 🙂

  34. falcon222 says:

    im willing to offer $15 for someones activation files

  35. Pinetrax says:

    So, I’m basically sc*** since I never bothered to log into my ps vita. Let’s hope our hero TheFlow saves us all and patiently wait for an announcement.

  36. Betamax says:

    What about Samsung s8 plus with free vr kit
    Does there come platstationvr-remoteplay for iT?

  37. DIO says:

    Are we still able to run Vita backups without activation?

  38. Adamos says:

    I belive somebody smartl like total_noob will provide simple program to back up this files with Special small program

  39. Demian says:

    What about PSN version spoofing on Hënkaku? Does all this mean it doesn’t work anymore?

    • Demian says:

      Sorry no edit option.
      Actually you don’t need an FTP client, just activate FTP connection (actually it is a wireless connection) on Vitashell and on your PC configure a new network connection using your Vita’s IP and port. You’ll be able to navigate files and folders using Windows Explorer.

  40. allen says:

    I don;t understand should I doing the backup also. I’m a boring regular guy. I don’t know anything. I only used 3.60 for psvita game only. no remote no psp or anything. when I format the whole system. I still connect to internet and enter psn account and install henkaku and spoof and I can log in psn in setting. should I do backup because the first folder tm0:/npdrm/act.dat I don’t have it.

    please send to my email.

    • Frank says:

      If you don’t have this file then your Vita is not activated and you can not backup this file. You could backup the others but your Vita is not activated like most people here. That will only block your from downloading inside the PSN store.

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