How do you properly back up your PSVita’s activation files!


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  1. Demian

    I’ve just backed up my activation files. First I had enabled Airplane Mode, disconnected from PSN, and then backed up the files. As I was disconnected from PSN and was on airplane mode, The Treasures of Montezuma Blitz didn’t work, asking to be logged to PSN. I did, and then activated airplane mode again and it worked fine.
    Must note that the date of the activation file is from 20170716. Also I had enabled PSN network spoofing, but didn’t browsed the store.
    Looks like PSN Network spoofing works fine, but would need to browse the store or try to download a game, which I won’t do.

  2. PoliteTimesplitter

    “USB via VitaShell won’t be enough since you can only view ux0: with that.”

    Just use vitashell to copy those files into ux0: first.

  3. LaFlex

    thank you so much. i had no idea this was so important, i just backed up my vita, and not the pstv is next…

  4. Handy Fox

    Can I copy the files to my vita which? Would it activate the vita or does it only work with the device I got the files from?

  5. Filip

    So i backed up my activation files. Can i format my vita now? I dont want to use my main psn account on my vita anymore. Afraid of getting banned. 🙁 help?

    • Xerain

      I’m not an expert on the subject matter, but I know that you at least will need the activation files for the account you wish to switch to. You need to have already had that account active on the vita and backed up the activation files for it. Then the you would switch them.

  6. Patrick Sindelar

    Hi,Im a new one here.After longer time I decide to buy again Vita(before just OFW).I have offer to buy Vita but was broken and when I bring her home from service there was I think 2.26 firmware so I dont activate anything,install CFW-is it working;-) but I cant now download anything from psn even if I have it downloaded already and installed on memory card which I used with my old Vita.Which possible choices or what I have to do now?Just wanna say,the same like is written before,I can connect to PSN,PS store,still incoming PS messages,but not download or play OFW games from my account.Thanx for reply

  7. thomas

    does this mean that when i get a ps vita to get into home brew, i fix it in such a way its running 3.60 and i activate it, im faburnucked anyway?
    damn you sony!!

  8. khalaan

    What are one’s options if they have multiple activated and < 3.60 PSTVs, a 3.63 PSVita, a 3.60 Unactivated Vita, and a PS4 on current FW? I used to have a few 3.60s activated but they are no longer in my ownership

  9. katma

    Is this activation problam apprears on 3.60? Or on lower fw-s as well?

    I have a Vita TV with 3.52 OFW, I could register my profil earlier. But i didn’t intall anything on it from store, so it is not activated.

    I would like to activate my ps tv on 3.52 with ps3 method, than i would offline update to 3.60. Than intalingl henkaku and adrenaline!

    Do you think this could work?

  10. Albert C

    Well I done *** up! Lost my activation files cuz I wasn’t thinking when I had to do a restore because my SD2Vita wasn’t working properly…..oh well……my life I guess.

  11. chapas

    Should’t we backup id.dat as well?

  12. ben

    I got a new Vita with 3.60 can i activate it now or wait till someone say its ok to activate?

  13. ZeroSbr

    If my activation data has been nuked, how will I know? Will my Vita no longer appear in my list of devices on

  14. sad

    files got nuked before i could back them up, rip gg

  15. AmyGrrl

    I’m so glad I read this. I just installed HENkaku Ensō today. Then saw people talking about backing up the activation files. Had connected to the PSN Store a few days ago to browse new content but never attempted to download anything. Guess I got lucky that my Vita was never deactivated. So now my 4 activation files have been backed up. Time to do the same thing with my PSTV and backup the activation files and install HENkaku Ensō. Thanks!

  16. Aliaz7ony

    so if you couldn’t back them up, what will happen now? , I still can play digital ps vita games, the store game an error, when I try to download my purchase games so what I did, was sing out

  17. Alex

    What if I don’t have a “npdrm” folder in tm0: ?

  18. Negan

    I backed up my activation data. How can I activate my Psvita with it when I get nuked by Psn?

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