noLED plugin updated to v1.1 – HENkaku Ensō compatibility added


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  1. Gio says:

    Gracias Aurora, en cuanto tengas novedades de ds4vita para Enso avisanos!

  2. TheTechDoc says:

    Interested to see what ENSO brings now that its out, would love to see settings for it first off, maybe instead of henkaku settings we get ENSO settings that give more functionality such as hot swapping storage from the memory card to say sd2vita etc, would also be great to see custom boot logos, as cool as the ENSO one is, it’s quite low quality and you can see the sharp edges, would like to replace it with something else.

    There’s also the pipe dream that someone will unlock the bootloader and get the likes of Android or Linux running, a good dream to have but an unrealistic one.

    • ishygdaft says:

      the icon looks the way it does because the vita doesn’t handle the sony logo as a standard photo, it handles the logo based on white/black pixel ratio. I’ve spoken with Yifan_lu, he said he did the best job he could. He had the option to remove this limitation but didn’t in favor of recovery options. That logo he drew maxes out what the vita can display on boot so I wouldn’t expect anything amazing when we’re able to easily edit it ourselves.

      Personally, I’d rather have recovery then a neato emblem when I start my system.

  3. fluk3 says:

    Anyone else had any problems when installing enso. Like the os0 check fail and had to reinstall the system image? I think it had something to do with mine having the debug menu and dex pkg installer on it. Can any one confirm this or tell me if it is safe to reinstall these?

    • pez2k says:

      If you’ve modified anything on os0 then yes, it’ll download the original 3.60 firmware and undo your modifications. It makes sense to do this to reduce the chance of problems when Enso is installed. I can’t say for sure what is and isn’t safe to install with Enso however as I don’t personally know which files it modifies.

    • Polipo says:

      Yeah, you need to reinstall the firmware, I guess its because for those (My had VitaRW) hacks that need “more” permissions. Anyway I don’t still know if its safe to reinstall them

      • fluk3 says:

        Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Would have been nice to be good at soldering so you could backup the important files through nand or whatever it is called. Anyways hopefully someone posts a video soon with a top 10 plugins or addons for enso with these included. I have a spare one that I could test it on but I want that to dump games on that whilst I use my sd2vita adapter with my main one.

    • SilicaAndPina says:

      been using dex everything basicly since PSN spoofing started working again, enso installer didnt even ask me for the reinstall, these are VS0: modifications anyway so its probably something else that was changed in os0:

      as for if they work. well yea they do. i havent noticed a single problem either.

  4. vitapowr says:

    Thanks, it works on psvita 1100

  5. John Farrant says:

    I had a big problem with this skprx. Enso froze on the intro screen. In the end I had to reformat – lost everything! Reloaded henkaku. Back to normal. What a nightmare !!

  6. Shuhei Yoshida says:

    3,65 CFW PLS

  7. Samuel Martin says:

    Ive f up installing plugins to enso , im stuck with molecular boot logo. Is there a way to ignore config.txt while ir enso itself at boot?

    I still can acces recovery menu and I have the backup of activación files.

  8. devilishrei says:

    I hope this plugin has further improvement in disabling PS Vita cartridge slot’s LED indicator due to it keep flashing when accessing the SD2Vita.
    Which mean it’ll consume extra power from your Vita.

  9. Hachiro says:

    Lol. I took apart my Vita to de-solder the indicator LED. Kept the charging LED though.

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