Ys VIII: Lamicrosa of Dana, new trailer

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  1. TheTechDoc says:

    Hey look at that, a JRPG, that’s different….just what the vita needs!

  2. Overt says:

    All characters look like colored light bulbs. It doesn’t look like anime, and it doesn’t look like 3D. When is Japan going to stop doing that?

  3. vasya says:

    very interesting does fanats can port from eng. vita dump localization to old jap. dump for henkaku users

  4. dogmeet says:

    Lacrimosa is Latin for “weeping”. It is also a name that derives from Our Lady of Sorrows, a title given to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Also seen as the philologically incorrect Lacrymosa, it may also refer to:



  5. Aces says:

    Great game, already finished it on vita, can’t wait for English version so I can actually understand what’s going on

  6. yuuki says:

    this is really nice game. I will buy it or use crack version if they have on pc. I already play japan version on vita. and it great. it’s just that I don’t understand japanese. no clue what they saying.

  7. jm8080 says:

    Why is it that every english dub of an jrpg is cringey as heck

  8. ZeroSbr says:

    I’ll stick to Memories of Celceta.

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