Review of Srident’s SD2Vita adapter for the PSVita


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  1. Panda

    I wouldn’t quite say the days of expensive memory cards are over per se until we have an adapter that fits into the memory card slot.

    • Jason

      I thought the packaging was severely lacking. The adapter could easily be damaged in transit with so many exposed bits.

      • Rian

        Was yours damaged? No? Then quit whining lol I’ve seen well packaged items damaged by the post office.

        • Localhorst86

          I wouldn’t call it whining, it’s just a concern i can share. I know how the german post office sometimes handles packages and letters. Seeing the SD2Vita in my letterbox in a thin padded envelope had me worried at first as well. Iwould have wrapped the thin PCB in a thicker piece of cardboard box to prevent any damage from bending.

          But in the end, once I inserted the SD2Vita into my Vita device and seeing that it worked I was less worried. And as I have paid with paypal I knew that if it were broken I could easily get a refund anyways, it would just have been annoying to deal with that.

        • Jason

          No, but it could have been. I’m sure some probably were. It just looked like everything was hastily slapped together. Telling me to “quit whining” is simply rude and unproductive when I have a legitimate concern.

      • dameros

        paypal + ebay = refund if there was some sort of problem so I don’t see any
        preordered mine since even though I was waiting for the go from srident, the 2nd batch sold out in 23 seconds. looking forward to it.

    • Demian

      That’s something that will never happen. Now that SD2Vita has arrived there is no need for an adapter to fit on the memory card slot. So then, yes, the ridiculously expensive sony memory cards days are over for good.

      Sadly where I live there are some MoFos resellers that pretend to sell SD2Vita adapters at a ridiculously expensive price, emulating sunny. My advice is not to buy from them.

    • wtf

      the days of vita cards will be over when this works on vitas outside of henkaku actually

      • Demian

        Again, at least in a foreseeable future this won’t happen. No news about somebody looking for an entry point on Vita with firmware version > 3.60.
        I’d prefer even more a way to downgrade, instead of a hack for those versions. This would unify everything in the Vita scene as all “work” would be done on a specific firmware, instead of many variations of it, as it did happened on PSP days, but that’s another story.

  2. Laurence

    Just a reminder, if you press and hold L trigger while HENkaku is loading, you can disable TaiHen from parsing the config file and loading plugins. Then go fix your config in VitaShell and reboot. Holding L also stops HENkaku from hooking the Settings menu, meaning the Vita reads the spoofed firmware version directly, showing 3.65 in the System Information; don’t freak out if you see that.

  3. Tinogodi

    " I changed the adrenaline plugin path to ur:0 too in config.txt"
    Do you mind writing out the path so that I can copy and paste please, I’m not to literate when it comes to that? Would be a great help.

  4. FRR35H

    I have a question about using a gamecard.
    Once you have the SD2Vita adapter connected, are you then able to later insert your normal gamecard and play without any issues or do you have some steps you need to take to make this happen again. I don’t particularly want to dump my Game cards if i don’t need to, but looks like I might have to if I want the extra space.

    • BenoitRen

      From reading the article, I see that you can, but it’s a bit tricky and might damage your adapter in the long run. Personally I’d like an adapter that clicks in place and is removed in the same way as game cards.

  5. Demian

    I’d like something lika a comparison article between the two “models” available so far of the SD2Vita adapters (Modsiah’s and Srident’s), as I’d like something specific that made me decide between them both. Specific as in build quality (the most important point), price, and so on.

    Another thing, is that mounting SD2Vita’s microSD card as ux0, would allow me to enable SAFE MODE on Molecule/VitaShell options when running my dumps, and that is somewhat a safe measure IMO.

    Also, what would happen if I don’t have a Vita memory card but mount only the microSD on SD2Vita?

  6. Smoker1

    Seriously hope a 200GB or 256GB MicroSD Card will work for those like me who will want to use those.
    This should work for those on HENkaku 10??????

    • nope

      I can tell you 200GB works. Bought a 200GB card for my Switch but then never bought games for it, works great for Vita now.

  7. de zet

    nice review thezett

  8. Dyey-em

    This only works on 3g ps vita, right?

  9. moriphiend

    Can someone make a 3D printable casing for it? I can but I’m too lazy 🙂

  10. nebu_187 sells them too lopctaed in France 18€ personally have ordered other things there so i know they are good for it

  11. Z

    There are a lot replicas in ebay or alibaba from China.. I feel bad for whom made this happen…..
    For $10 difference, please support the originator ….. only problem is availability.
    Also, please someone with 3D model expert make 3d print for the case just like PSV game card and have opening on the top….
    Then we can do 3D print for the case.

    I will try to use 3D scanner to capture the PSV card…

    • Ticotico

      That’s exactly what I’m waiting. Hoping for a adapter game card like.

    • Dmaskell92

      XYZ who IIRC made this card didn’t produce or sell any. So how exactly are you supporting the “originator”? These guys are doing the same thing as China, copypasta.

    • MZeroFX

      i feel bad for not having one yet, searching now and then i’ll buy from anyone (with good rating). I really don’t care from who im buying, as long as i get the thing… this is the world, son.

  12. Randy Steele

    I went ahead and bought the adapter from Modsiah instead. Srident didn’t prioritize the first 2000 preorders, sold them all on ebay to whoever was the fastest and then went on to make another preorder form. His original preorder from was garbage and useless. All you got was an email telling you to check on twitter.
    Not interested in dealing with someone like that.

    • nebu_187

      exactly, whats up with that guy?! ill just wait someone to make for a full product in game cart shell. I already have 64 and 32 gb mem card so i dont really need it

    • Steven

      i would rather choose to get one From Srident then others as it seems that his are working Where as others are selling with the Test Points. and could easily Short the entire Chip / Psvita even.. so But to each there own.

    • Roberto

      I feel the same, I think this guy just make the “pre-order form” just to check how much profit he can get. Because he never respect the pre-orders forms.

  13. Jolly

    I feel one of the most important bits of information was left out.. How much of a hit does the battery life take when using this adaptor?

    • Steven

      unknown until someone tests them as well as a normal game Cart, and to be used same amount of time i mean how much does a game cart use to begin with?

  14. ryanrudolf

    wow this seems profitable! i hope yifan and co get a piece of the cake in terms of donations etc etc

  15. nyx

    Reminder that these are $8-$10 on aliexpress right now.
    The $10 version have gold plated contacts.

  16. Katyusha

    The each card is just costing $5/10pcs in the factory , and many people orders to make the cards themself.
    I also made some cards , but I have no energy to sell them.
    I mean nothing but the cards are wery cheap in China.
    The cards are working good now.

  17. quicksilver2u

    I waited and bought the first batch of Srident’s microsd card adapter.

    I can it works well no issues. A case would be ideal to protect it when it comes out of the game card slot sometimes, when i try and eject the microsd card.

    I copied my whole vita memory card to the microsd card and copied config file (in ux0 tai folder) to ur0 tai folder.

    And once booted…everything works. Tested…ps vita games…ok.

    Just make sure you watch youtube videos before attempting anything.

    Excellent work and credit to everyone who put so much effort to design and create, and help all ps vita users get the best use out of the vita by increasing storage space.

  18. Anyone knows how i can contact the Author? I’d want to discuss some stuff.

  19. mecksg1

    has anyone ordered and gotten there yet?

  20. This only works on 3g ps vita, right?

  21. Vivissimus

    My SDCARD runs as ux0 , but my computer keeps connecting(by usb) to uma0.How to fix it?

  22. Coolsiah

    I’ve tried 128gb Transcend memory on Messiah sd2vita and it didn’t work as expected. No bubbles showed up. After 2nd reboot, the memory was corrupted with missing files.

  23. Coolsiah

    Tried with another brand 64gb and it worked.

  24. Allim

    Does the Sd2vita work with 2001 psvita

  25. Pha_Det

    Srident is a scammer, don’t buy from him. He’ll just take the money and won’t ship anything.