3D hardware accelerated rendering now added to Lua Player Plus for the Vita thanks to frangar!


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  1. dameros says:


  2. ZeroSbr says:

    N64 emulation on Vita should be about as good as SNES emulation on PSP. Which is to say: pretty good, but not flawless by any means. First party games will probably run pretty well, especially Super Mario 64 and both Zelda games. Other games like Goldeneye probably not so much.

    • Fallenleader says:

      It will purely depend on how well they can write an interpreter. N64 on modern day PC’s is still spotty to some degree despite the fact modern PC’s are massively more powerful than the N64, and this is due to the interpreter being hard to make.
      This is also the reason it was never ported to the PS3, especially since the PS3 was much harder to make games for in general.
      I immediately said screw PS3 development when I realized that a hello world program had to have nearly identical code twice to utilize the hardware correctly due to how it works.
      The Vita is much more powerful than people give credit for. EA was able to port the full version of NFS MW simply by dumbing down the graphical assets, and we STILL see full game ports to this day (SAO series games are full versions, with only Hollow Fragment getting a forward port to the PS4 rather than being side developed for both)
      I took a look at the Vita UO SDK’s documentation on the GPU, and it’s quite advanced to say the least.
      Most modern day coders are used to not having to code up GPU related content on such a low level, making this almost as hard a feat as the PS3 which had code for 2 different processors.
      Ultimately, it is a matter of how willing and dedicated the coder will be for N64 on Vita, or even 3D games for that matter.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Well, the PSP ran first party games like this decently. Pokemon Stadium runs well even with audio. So maybe the Vita can achieve great emulation speed.

  3. Juniorpsvita says:

    Dreamcast,cps3 fullspeed,Dolphin now is possible.?Sorry my inglish

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