Setting up your SD2Vita adapter – Formatting your microSD can be done on Windows


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  1. 909090 says:

    please help me! I did the same, wrote zzBlank image to my 64gb SD card and now its size is just 1mb! ridiculous! what should i do with it now?

  2. Lukas says:

    Ihave problem on SD as Ux0:I have freeze on Taihen isstarting. It is something to recover previous option with Vita card on UX:?

    • Alex says:

      I have the Same problem, when SD2Vita is inserted ( or atleast when the mSD is also in it) the PSvita takes forever to boot. When i get it out, it continues to boot. When i try to shut it down it won’t till i eject the card. What could be wrong?

  3. The purpley one says:

    Totally freezes your vita trying to run Taihen…… No idea how to fix this at all…. I think my Memory card is @*$*@@ now… Will have to reformat EVERYTHING just to make it work which takes too long to even bother trying at this point….. I think I am going to just throw the vita in the closet and forget about it until they do a full CFW that is not prone to this sort of screw up in the future.

    • freddy says:

      It actually isn’t stalled, it’ll stop while doing that with the firmware setup with the sd card as the main storage, then just lock the screen by tapping the power button and unlock the screen and you should be on the home screen. after i do that I can run my custom stuff again.

  4. khaled says:

    I did everything and it is ok also i used the switch SD2vita .VPK
    and when i open the Vitashell I find the storage alongside my 4GB memory card ,
    how can i install games on that additional storage ??

  5. Death_of_Chaos says:

    I followed all these instructions to the T and my SD Card doesn’t show up. Now what?

    • cracker says:

      If you’re positive it is set up properly then it probably is the adapter not making good enough contact. If it is a bare board then pad the back with some tape for a tighter fit.

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