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Setting up your SD2Vita adapter – Formatting your microSD can be done on Windows


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)

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  1. Michael says:

    Is the SD2Vita adapter already being sold? and could one buy it from the UK? I read about it in the past but didn’t see where to get it or prices…

  2. Jack Attack says:


    For anyone wanting to make one themselves. It’s pretty easy and since it’s so relatively cheap and you have no chips or components to worry about frying, it’s a good way to get into soldering if you’re prepared. Just go on ebay or aliexpress to get the microsd slot. Needs to be 9 pins. (though there’s currently revisions by others going on that make the board even simpler if you don’t mind waiting for this process to get even more refined)

    • Bubs says:

      About time the Vita has more storage options now. When I think about it, it is mostly Sony’s fault for the demise of the Vita because you are only limited to the amount of bubbles you will ever have with their memory. But now us Vita users can have a lot of bubbles on the live area! A lot more can be installed. Awesome!

    • Maik says:

      Osh only provides 0.8 thickness. According to the Creator, 1.2 mm is recommended. I ordered mine from DirtyPCB. 10 Pieces for 10 bucks.

  3. Lodochan says:

    What’s the largest SD card size that this adapted/Psvita can handle?

  4. ponpoku says:

    they have also started to appear on aliexpress for around $13-$15 shipped

  5. marco di cesaria says:

    Sorry my english i’m using google translator, i want to ask for information i already got a psvita original 32gb, and i would use this adder to use a sd 32 gb, my idea was to put them both and work at the same time so Have 64 gb to install homebrew, this thing is possiable or can you just use one of the two memories to install homebrew?

    • Aurora says:

      You can use one as ux0 and the other as uma0. They can’t be the same parition. Maybe some homebrew will facilitate installing apps on the uma0 parition

      • marco di cesaria says:

        It is my intention and this does not matter if one and ux0 and other umma, I’m interested in I can also install homebrew on umma0 and even on ux0, having both of them both inserted at the same time on the psvita. Can you confirm this? If and so I’m intertwined since I put two memories a 32gb original and a 32gb microsd I’ve already had no additional expense

  6. Thiago Lima Dantas says:

    Good morning, gentlemen, I would like some information: what is the maximum size of micro SD supported by this adapter. I would also like to know where I can get the other adapter for the 3G and the maximum size supported by it as well. Thanks in advance.

  7. lol says:

    i just want to say there is no one stupid to do that they will buy a real sony sd card becos this method it working only hekaku 3.60FW and not yet the finally ps vita hack

  8. lol says:

    btw if this method working like install homebrew or game on 3.60FW or other it may so many people will interesting to it and buy it Imao Good Idea but i guess this thing is kinda useless

  9. Bob says:

    Is it possible that in the coming months we could see a vita game card look alike with a slot in it? Rather than this adapter which works, but looks fragile as heck and doesnt go in the same as a game card?

    • Kj says:

      I’m hoping so as well. I almost want to buy a cheap crappy game just to try to open up and stick this board inside if possible. Probably have to do some dremeling but worth a shot. If not I’ll attempt to make one

  10. WeedZ says:

    That video, “..or as you know me on reddit ‘more drugs, more threesomes'”. So casual.

  11. cracker says:

    The board is acting up again so I’m replaying this.

    I did a homemade version and it works great. I recommend using the modified skprx temporarily to transfer everything from the Vita memory card to the microSD at once. In Windows, directories such as app and cache don’t show even when hidden files are set to show so you can’t back up the essential files. Also, change the sleep timeout to 30 minutes to help prevent accidental sleeping during the copying process.

    Thanks to the poster and creator of this method!

  12. Islingr says:

    Lol on linux this tutorial would be shortened down to 5 steps total lol. Plugin sd. open terminal sudo mkfs.exfat /dev/sdx(replace with correct location. can get easily from GParted), transfer files from vita ux0, install sd2vita plugin, plugin adapter+reboot=profit.

    • Noobaloob says:

      Have you experianced any troubles with adrenaline after the conversion to the SD2VITA adapter? I can’t get it to run on any of my 3 vitas…

  13. Poptheweasel says:

    My question is: Can you use BOTH forms of storage? This is probably answered, but I can’t find the info on any of the articles.

    • cracker says:

      Yes, but only with the microSD mounted as uma0. It would be good for storing vpks but you won’t be able to run anything off of it until someone creates a way to link apps from one storage medium to the other.

  14. Ronald says:

    Have one question, I see that you can set up both PS Vita Memory Card and also SD2Vita Adapter at the same time, well so that means that you are able to use both capacity?? Asking because I already have a PS Vita Memory Card of 32GB and would be better just to add another 32GB on the SD2Vita Adapter to be a total of 64GB, do you anyone knows if that is possible?

  15. andoryuu3 says:

    A link that should probably be added to the article: SD2VITA uma0 vs ux0?

    I had to ask the question myself, but I sought out the answer on google. I know I’m not the only one who has had this question.
    Hope it helps.

  16. Xyrem says:

    “Download the zzBlank.img file for your microSD from the link below.”
    What link below ? Can’t manage to find it, can you put it up again plz ?

    Received my adapter today, I want to try it out !

    • Xyrem says:

      Damn I’m blind, I had downloaded win32diskimager from the first link, so didn’t pay attention to the second one below wich had the file putted together with it, my bad !

  17. csdesign3 says:

    Can PS Vita support up to 128Gb microsd card or not, somebody have tested?

  18. Jack says:

    So how would I go about not losing the data on my Vita memory card while using the SD card adapter? I want to use the large storage for dumps and the Vita card for music and videos. Would someone be willing to run me through doing this?

    • cracker says:

      You can’t until someone creates a method to mount the Vita memory card as another drive and somehow virtually links the contents of the card so they can be used by the system or creates a whole new media player.

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  20. Somebody says:

    knowing apps are installed on sd. you think by installing henkaku using pc would work?

  21. Moriarty says:

    Want to get clear about one thing, i have succesfully installed all the thing, and vitashell tell me “your done here, you have 120gb without selling an eye”.

    I made a backup of the old Mcard and put all in the new SD but the games dont appear on the livearea… it only works if i install NOW more games ? not the old ones ?

  22. Carlos says:

    Anyone managed to get Adrenaline working with sd2vita and henkaku Enso ?

    Been trying for days installs but doesn’t load.

  23. Albert C says:

    These directions dont seem very accurate.

  24. vitaisgreat says:

    sd2vita and vitashell doesn’t work. it is showing my regular memory card instead

  25. Pawz says:

    So my system will mount the SD2Vita adapter as ux0: but if the Vita memory card is in the system it mounts that as ux0 instead. I’m hesitant to format the Vita card even though i have the backup but is that all i should need to do to get the Vita card mounted as ux0?

  26. Paul says:

    does this require henkaku enso? or henkaku r10 is enough?

  27. vivissimus says:

    I have SD2VITA as ux0, but my computer keeps connecting(by usb) to uma0. How can I fix that??

  28. wi11iam says:

    Follow the directions given. In the end all my icons gone. Anyone got similar problem and were able to solve it please tell me how. Done it 3 times with the same problem and formatted my Vita too. Something is DEFINITELY missing in the instructions given.

    • cracker says:

      Check VitaShell to see if ux0 is seen. If it is then it is a problem with the copied files. Otherwise it is a problem with the configuration file and/or a bad connection.

      • wi11iam says:

        yes all is correct. but does after the sony card is out, is it supposed to UPDATE DATABASE because the youtube video doesn’t display it at all.

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