Sony are trying to remove a leaked PS4 SDK from the internet. And they’re not being very subtle about it


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  1. Ultimate zXa


  2. sicilia

    I’m not a programmer but, what is the importance of leaked PS4 SDK?
    Do they contain secret key that allow you to jailbreak PS4 or something?

    • moriphiend

      No, it allows you to create homebrew and understand how applications work on the console. Also, many times official SDKs are intellectual property of the console maker and they don’t want it leaked.

      • TehCupcakes

        Moriphiend has the idea. To add on: a console SDK may allow you to develop games for said system theoretically, but it is still (generally) not possible to play on retail systems; you need a development kit, which is much harder to come by and more expensive than a retail console.

        That being said, some systems (like Xbox One) have development features built in to the retail console, so it may be possible to play homebrew games on these consoles made with a leaked SDK. I don’t think that’s the case for PS4, however, so it’s mainly just for research and doesn’t have a lot of practical use for the normal end-user.

        • xldon2lx

          ” but it is still (generally) not possible to play on retail systems; you need a development kit, which is much harder to come by and more expensive than a retail console.”

          SDK = Software Development Kit

          Which obviously is a “Development Kit”

          • Panda

            You still need a hardware development kit to run that software though. (Barring of course exploiting a retail unit to do that stuff anyway.)

        • fate6

          SDK’s have hardware info/specifications and function names/programming guides
          It won’t just make hacks for you but it helps.

  3. Megumihanhan

    LOL wololo just keep fcking them up so soon they release a new Handheld PSP 3 they too much focus on PS4 keep fcking them up

  4. SKGleba

    Do not redistribute/share letter LMAO

  5. Loco2

    Something is clearly coming.

  6. 7

    Downloaded it right now. Just in case… 😀

  7. vasya

    Watch the image and first think its Phoenix Wright may be port on PS4 )))

  8. JB2X

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. They’re probably a new firm that want to look good in front of Sony so that they can get future business from them.

    *** that noise. Damn brown nosers.

  9. Fluk3


    • Fluk3

      Awkward… Stupid tablet. It didnt load the comment section xD. They will probably insist since they most likely wont care to process your reply :'(

  10. DJPlace

    now if only sony would un-ban from using a cheat for offline play that was not suppose to work online. how can i get a hold of these @** H****

  11. Stevrhenz4ever


  12. Adrien

    You’re right Wololo, if they keep pushing, no need to play though, just let the file go.

    We need you and your awesome work.

  13. Meh

    Someone should post it on usenet.. then its DONE…..

  14. Chad

    Downloaded to be safe may even get it up on as meant sites as poss

  15. Z

    1 word – @$$holes

  16. tom

    to the kaz hirai and sony corp. cbs anchor cindy hsu recently got involved in dirty coraption business with crazy cbs anchor otis livingston to steal money from sony corp. employees bank accounts. never trust cindy hsu and otis livingston they nothing but crime makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Demian

    AFAIK, it seem all copyright infringement complains are based solely on a “filename”, not on the real content of such file. So then if someone decide to put some pron with the name PS4-Leak/PS4-SDK or whatever name seems alike to what Irdeto’s searching for they’ll send a copyright infringement complain based only and solely a “filename” and the backup of the power (money) of the company they claim to represent.
    To me that looks more like “legal-harrasment”, than other thing. Sony has to be really *** to get to this.

    But anyway… I don’t give a funk…

    • Demian

      Oh BTW, just rename the file, change the link and thats it, sunny can kiss my… yeah, those.

      Is it possible to add an edit feature for comments?

    • Nightwish

      That’s what happens when there’s no de facto penalty for legal harassment, everyone who’s an *** sends takedown notices whether they have the right to or not.

  18. SaroLucero

    File downloaded and externally hosted. Fu¢k $ony!

  19. john mculla

    You do know that Sonys loggers are not lawyers at all. From what I’ve read they seem to be having helpers copy and paste self preserved and provided paragraphs stipulating their reasons. This would never hold in a court of law. Sadly it’s easy to play around in California but that’s as far as any courthouse in any state would go. All the other states would be in your favor even PlayStationhaxs. Sdk kits were meant others to use. Its like oil. Just because its branded doesn’t mean they invited it. I gurantee there’s alot of hoops sony would need to go through in order to prove their case.

  20. NobodyWantsToKnow

    It would be a shame if someone makes a hard to delete torrent with these files ;D

  21. ivan

    Wololo something weird is happening to my ps vita i have henkaku installed but i dont know why or if my ps vita update by accident or something happen when i tried to update henkaku 10 the thing is that my vita has firmware 3.63 now and doesnt say henkaku only 3.63 but everything is working games and emulators, any idea? i dont know if i need to reboot or turn off my vita because i dont wanna loose henkaku i can send you pictures or video

  22. Fallenleader

    I explained to Gregory Rasputin that the reason his DMCA was valid is he had hosted a picture of the SDK Documentation, which is considered intellectual material. In this ONE (1) specific case, that DMCA was technically valid.
    As someone who is a developer for a console manufacturer, I can say with certainty that this was the only truly infringing aspect of his article.

  23. Thomas Berado

    You can download it anonymously at http://sikonorlsbn5wq3a.onion/

  24. Dark-Scripter

    is sony is shitting around just tell them “ur copyright runs from 2003 – 2013

    All content, titles, publisher names, trademarks, artwork, and associated imagery are trademarks, registered trademarks or copyright material of their respective owners. ©2003 – 2013 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

    have a nice day and keep leaking , S0NY if u read this, make Software open-source so we can learn more about coding and game console’s, and if you want to lock ur Console or “make it unhackable” = don’t even sell ur product, everything is hackable …

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