Adrenaline Bubbles Manager gets new options

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  1. Polite Tiimesplitter says:

    The only problem I have with this app is that when you update the database when you’re done, it seems to undo any custom bubble adjustments not made through the manager – so any custom bubble icons or even names for Vita games are undone, and there’s not really any way to restore them quickly without just doing the whole process again AFAIK. Regardless, it’s great for simplifying the bubble creation!

  2. Panda says:

    So basically this lets you make a bubble on Vita which is like a shortcut to your Adrenaline? How does it handle PSX titles, and is there any compatibility improvements over Adrenaline through this?

    • BALTAZAR4 says:

      This app uses leecherman’s plugin, so basically this creates a direct access to a selected psp/psx/hb backup, but, it runs through Adrenaline

  3. posdo says:

    thanks for the nice tool ONElua!
    does anyone know how to configure the bubbles when using external hard drive on pstv?
    because when i configure a bubble to a psp game on uma0, the vita reboots to ux0 not uma0. so the system doesn’t apply the bubble to the psp game but leave it to the snooker bubble unchanged.
    when i check back, the association is good in bubble manager…
    Is there a manual override to do?
    Thanks in advance everyone!

  4. betamax says:

    does comes there a adrenaline forum ?

  5. Schadows says:

    Is it normal that some games bubble made with this goes directly to the XMB instead of launching the game directly?

    • BALTAZAR4 says:

      That happened to me sometimes when I was doing the process manually, but it was cause my config.txt was messed up, you can take a look at your config.txt file

      • Schadows says:

        Well, I didn’t even tried to do it manually (in fact I discovered adrbblbooter with this Adrenaline Bubble Manager), but for the sake of it, I took a look at the /tai/config.txt file.
        Nothing seemed out of the ordinary there. The lines corresponding the the 2 games who present this problem is the exact same as the other bubbles.

        Those 2 bubbles have the correct images (bubble image and startdat), launch adrenaline correctly (I can launch those games from there but it make the whole point of creation a shortcut bubble useless), but don’t launch their respective game directly. I tried several times, with both eboot method, but same results u__u

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