Adrenaline Bubbles Manager gets new options

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  1. Panda

    So basically this lets you make a bubble on Vita which is like a shortcut to your Adrenaline? How does it handle PSX titles, and is there any compatibility improvements over Adrenaline through this?


      This app uses leecherman’s plugin, so basically this creates a direct access to a selected psp/psx/hb backup, but, it runs through Adrenaline

  2. posdo

    thanks for the nice tool ONElua!
    does anyone know how to configure the bubbles when using external hard drive on pstv?
    because when i configure a bubble to a psp game on uma0, the vita reboots to ux0 not uma0. so the system doesn’t apply the bubble to the psp game but leave it to the snooker bubble unchanged.
    when i check back, the association is good in bubble manager…
    Is there a manual override to do?
    Thanks in advance everyone!


      Will have to check that out, to see if there is any way of fixing

      • posdo

        thanks for your reply BALTAZAR4.
        Looking forward to your solution 🙂

        • BALTAZAR4

          Ok posdo, talk to Onelua members and they tried on a pstv (owned by DevDavisNunez) and what happens is: for the db rebuild after the reboot uma0 is not mounted as ux0, so, the db rebuild is not finding the games at uma0, thats why the bubbles keep the original dds icon (the one from the base game), so, I suggest you to try doing the qcma trick, tranfering the bubbles to your pc and then back to the pstv, since each snooker bubble is only 3.5mb it won’t take that long 🙂 and thanks for using this app!

  3. betamax

    does comes there a adrenaline forum ?

  4. Schadows

    How do we close the PSP game launched with this?
    I tried double press on HOME button then close, Long press on HOME button > Settings > Exit PSPEmu … everything seem to work BUT, I cannot launch another adrenaline bubble for another game (which work fine if the Vita has just been restarted), and sometimes, the Vita gets very slow, requiring a hard reboot (since the normal one doesn’t work).

  5. Schadows

    Is it normal that some games bubble made with this goes directly to the XMB instead of launching the game directly?


      That happened to me sometimes when I was doing the process manually, but it was cause my config.txt was messed up, you can take a look at your config.txt file

      • Schadows

        Well, I didn’t even tried to do it manually (in fact I discovered adrbblbooter with this Adrenaline Bubble Manager), but for the sake of it, I took a look at the /tai/config.txt file.
        Nothing seemed out of the ordinary there. The lines corresponding the the 2 games who present this problem is the exact same as the other bubbles.

        Those 2 bubbles have the correct images (bubble image and startdat), launch adrenaline correctly (I can launch those games from there but it make the whole point of creation a shortcut bubble useless), but don’t launch their respective game directly. I tried several times, with both eboot method, but same results u__u

        • BALTAZAR4

          did you check the (gameid).txt file corresponding to each of those 2 bubbles to see if the line for the iso path was written? and, what kind of content are you trying to boot? iso, cso, psx or hb?

          • Schadows

            Same here, the gameid.txt files seem correct (exactly the same content as the working one, except for the name of the ISO file obviously).
            All my games (working and non working shortcuts) are ISO, and all are working fine from the adrenaline XMB (so from the XMB open by the faulty bubbles too).
            The games in question are : Final Fantasy Type-0 and .hack//LINK

          • BALTAZAR4

            Are using the M33 setup? I recommend you to try doing the normal install and see if they launch from the bubble

          • Schadows

            It did the trick \o/ Thank you so much (I’ve tired EBOOT.BIN and OLD but didn’t tried without M33)

  6. P4rma

    All my in game controls are disabled ever since I installed the latest version of a m. Anyone else experiencing this and how it can be fixed?