Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

PSVita Game card to microSD adapter available for order tonight


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. danny fox

    Finally..whoa 🙂

  2. AciDBatH

    Hope everyone who orders one don’t have any problems. Glad to see this happening as the Vita cards were always insanely expensive. Just my luck though since I just spent $60 on a 32gb card. Guess I’ll use that one for my updated Vita tv. Awesome work devs, thank for all the work.

  3. Psvitabackfromrip

    First. Getting 1

  4. nebu_187

    its password protected?

  5. Steven

    Honestly ppl shouldn’t Buy them From others who are not going to Through the Phases of testing that Yufian is doing, Just Buy the parts yourselves and will be ALOT cheaper then ppl selling them who dont even know about how it all works, and if there are improvements that can be made.

  6. Asurey

    Any chance they’ll rerun the product later on?
    I’m kinda skeptic so I wanna wait for the first impressions first.
    At the same time, I don’t wanna miss it.

    • Aurora

      I’d say there’s a decent chance as the producer will probably judge demand on how quickly they go! 😉

      Stay tuned! You may also try getting one of Srident’s adapters later but if you want to wait, I’d suggest you wait for the reviews.

  7. silver

    Website asking for password to access

  8. Catmato

    Site instantly imploded at the password reveal.

  9. AgentMoose

    Just ordered mine! And yes, he’s making 500 more from what his password says.

  10. Lawthugg

    What happened to the site. I kept checking and at first you needed a password, now it’s down. Did this guy take money and run

  11. Nile Ellis

    When I follow the link I am asked for a password? Is this correct?

  12. Xyrem

    Got my order placed, can’t wait to get my hands on it !

  13. Cheesethief

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd they’re gone.

  14. luckyboiiii

    I got the 6th one out of the eight cancelled leftover adapters he put up… Sold out in less than 5 seconds lol

  15. Ken

    Come on man….

  16. Ysle

    International shipping? Sure!
    Actually selling them at a time so people not from North America can get the chance to buy them? Nahh, too much asked….

    • Icedcream

      Agreed!! A little unfair.
      We will have to make our own.

    • halfie

      Yeah, too much asked from an EASTERN EUROPEAN seller. Of course he’ll put it on at a normal time for him and not in the middle of the night and where other people around him naturally are up – since there is always a timezone that has night at one time. You have a difference of 12+ hours to eastern europe, stop feeling so entitled. /rant

  17. Debo

    And that sucked. I even filled that damn preorder form out and got sc***

    • martin

      because the preorders was done by other guy in europe that plans to make adapters. this guy didnt create any preorder web, he just said we was gonna do 150 pcs.
      you should wait a week or so for the preorder guy.

  18. FiFi

    I have been filling the preorder form SD2Vita a while bk.. but I didn’t got a reminder or anything saying is up for sale..

  19. Demian

    Well I won’t buy a thing from Ebay and that’s final, I’d rather buy it from somewhere else. Thanks anyway.

    • Dmaskell92

      eBay is one of the most trusted online retailers. I honestly don’t get paranoid people like you.

      It’s impossible to get scammed unless you let it happen. If someone doesn’t ship you the item, you file a claim, eBay reimburses you, and deals with the fraudulent seller.

      He probably made decent money from these boards selling instantly, and I doubt he needs your patronage.

  20. Fluk3

    Are there any blueprints for these anywhere and if so could someone link it?

  21. kanongdl

    i just receive two emails with the same information, but i try to answer the email and it can not be answered, some one know if they go to send to any place or any city?

    im from Mexico, but i don’t know if they go to send to Mexico too?

    hope someone could help me with my doub.

    best regards.

  22. PissedGuy

    WTH! i “preordered” one of these never got the said email saying to order them and they are sold out?!?!? Rediculous. back to my 4GB card for me.. THANKS SONY!

  23. Byte

    Hopefully this will get some interest from a mass-producer that can ship units including shells so they are really plug & play. How about @Gadorach fixes (https://mobile.twitter.com/Gadorach/status/882482282153615360) even though his board is still v1.0?

    Would be nice to have this a community project so Gadorach should’ve been a v1.1 board (or at least v1.0A)

  24. Q13E5

    I would buy this chip. i hope that i would be able to use Adrenaline to play music from it.

  25. Salar

    Oh damn , I Live in iran , i cant place any order from anywhere 🙁 any chance that they can make a deal with a chiniese producer so they can get this stuff rolling in any country also ?

  26. P3T3

    I have 30 delivered Monday, will be fully tested and made before taking any orders!

  27. Joe

    I preorded 1 sign the list and sent him a message no answer not very good customer service not that happy why the list not happy

  28. Joe

    Disregard other comment sorry he got back thanks

  29. Lucas

    Whata the maximum capacity that it can recognize on SD cards

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