PS4 4.72 – video shows PS4 MTX gamesharing modchip tutorial


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  1. Vishal

    1st 🙂 — But in tutorial its not confirmed weather the Chip is required after operation or its only 1st time .

    • spok

      orginal abuser of this method (freeplex) confirmed on other site that only 1 chip is needed to share forever but who will share/risk ban?

  2. Mido

    Quite interesting , but if i learned anything from the ps3 scene , its that there will be tons of clones and/or cfw will happen sooner or later
    In the meantime I’ll enjoy the online feature

  3. ZGN

    Looks very tempting. So both devices need the modchip right? so if three of my friends will share, all of us need the chip installed in our ps4 units.

    • Albert Covington

      My original understanding is “no” here. I thought only the ones that plan on getting the game would require the mod chip (now of course both could still have it). The “risky” element here being that the person who originally purchased the game would have to entrust their account to the ones with the mod chip in order to receive the game.

    • Albert Covington

      To followup here though, I always assume you could create a new “dummy” account and add a payment method with a trusting friend. This way you could assume the algorithm for example in buying 2 games– you could save 50% (or “buy 1 get 1 free”- type of deal) on buying 2 games in assuring that you both split the cost of games: 1 person buys the game and the other gets it for free….the next game you could send money to have them buy it again, hence you are only both each paying for 1 game out of 2.

  4. TheTechDoc

    personally I only see this becoming wide scale thing when/if people start hosting share accounts, so you pay x amount of money and get access to an account with X amount of games to play etc, if not then I dont see this being all that useful, but hey, progress is progress

  5. Kal

    Too risky will pass..

  6. Crzo

    Black fin fail repeating itself all over again…

  7. Speedfreak

    Simply Clone … few have done it already and sold only private … what the next step … this get sold and all get patched by sony and many Accounts get Banned … Happy No Brain stuff

  8. kauadro

    qual nova versao ps vita

  9. DrakeSingh

    So just a simple Question……How to get the games?
    Can we put games on hard disk from any console or we need to get it form the hacked console?

    Appreciate any help

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