PS4 4.72 firmware released


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  1. cracker says:

    1.76.. Don’t give people false hope. 😉

  2. Fallenleader says:

    Typo in the article. 4.76 should be firm 1.76. got a guy looking now on private sploits to see if it might be patched.
    As usual, if you want hax, don’t update unless you are told to.

  3. a says:

    …and yet no one releases anything…

    • JustSayin says:

      Well, the hackers intends to let the library increase first before releasing the exploit. This way, we can play more games before the exploit would be patched in the succeeding firmware updates

    • Charles Fasano says:

      It’s a simply matter of not letting Sony know how there are exploiting the PS4. Once Sony patches the exploit, a release should soon follow. Why waste such a valuable exploit because the “people demand” it now.

  4. nebu_187 says:

    this scene needs some drama and someone angry enough to release the work of someone else 😉

  5. drd7of14 says:

    So…It seemed to remove the PS4 System Activation. No one seems to have noticed this, but since 4.7, you were able to easily activate your PS4 without deactivating the previous one. It was really convenient, but clearly unintentional.

    Besides maybe the FF XIV fix, this seems to have been the major change. Not sure if anyone else had ever noticed this, who could confirm, but after the update…It gives a warning, and prior it just activated it.

    Keep in mind, I’m aware that before 4.70, you had to deactivate the primary before activating the new one. So again, this was some sort of bug/glitch that was unintentional by SONY.

    It does suck though, cause the “glitch” just made switching between PS4s more convenient when playing with my brothers. We rotate between 2 PS4s, but one PS4 has to stay on my account. It wasn’t the case until the update, thanks to the trick.

  6. Joe says:

    On 2.50 since it was realeased for someone… ANYONE!!! To F^&*ing release anything meaningful… Linux atleast!!!

  7. John says:

    By the time they release something the lifespan of the PS4 will be over and the PS5 will be here…and then it won’t be worth it.

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