PS4 MTX KEY announced for preorder, a PS4 Modchip for gamesharing


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  1. Eric

    It’s things like this that will ruin it for everyone especially me. Sony will try to do everything they can to prevent this to work. I game share with a friend and vice versa. My theory is Sony is going to make every digital game purchased account bound.

    • spok

      its all because of also called “PS4 hackers” who are either fake or scared to share so there are “devs” like these who will profit from that

  2. Verax

    So what exactly does the board do?

    • nope

      If you read past the “PS4 Modchip” portion of the title and read the article you might find out… And if you “read” it and still don’t know either re-read or have your eyes checked because you might be blind af.

  3. mvp33

    Haha, It’s Cobra Black Fin all over again!

  4. CharadaBR

    Not exactly the news I was expecting, but since Vita scene has dominated Wololo pages, it’s refreshing reading something about my (now) old PS4… stay tuned folks 😉

    • nope

      You must have visited a lot right after the release of Henkaku only. Vita scene was not even on life support before that, the plug was pulled and everything. Front page was full of mostly 3DS and PS4. I myself welcome any news on this site, it’s usually a good and helpful read.

  5. felicity

    Just look at that mess. Anyone that desparate should just buy their own games. On top of it being a complete state, it only allows 1 extra account to share with… I wouldn’t bother…

  6. TheTechDoc

    Hmm, cobra blackfin mark 2?

  7. Jack Attack

    A good way for Sony to come after you.

  8. PSTV-wood-sporter

    It’s definitely a step in the right direction if it’s real. I personally will continue to enjoy the Vita scene while PS4 gets up to speed.

  9. M37R01D

    modchipcentral has them up for preorder, they should be hitting the warehouse next week

  10. Panda

    Honestly would rather wait until we get an actual PS4 userland/kernel platform/sandbox to softmod with, especially the latter since theoretically there should be no more need for having to deal with annoying updates and what they entail.

  11. mixedfish

    Buy games only to get your account banned.

    Great plan.

  12. ModCentral

    We should have stock in next few weeks & offer install services as well
    Thank you

  13. Noobish

    this can be blocked in a second via sony plus your account can get banned. if you want to waste 60/70 dollars, your warranty on ps4 and ignore the fact that almost guarantees that this is a trick for few days then this is the way to go.

  14. Noobish

    they don’t even need a system update to do this. after 2.50 and then improving it further on 4.50 ,they changed the licence check system. if your primary accounts get banned you will also loose 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars of games and this *** will be useless within days

  15. Crzo

    “It’s worth mentioning that Sony officially allows gamesharing”

    No they don’t, the actual license for the games you buy state that they ARE FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE and you are not allowed to share them.

    I had to call them once to reset a password/email that someone changed without my approval and their customer service rep even told me that next time it would be a ban.

    But sinece Sony doesn’t know which PS4 belongs to you and which doesn’t, they can’t do much about it (doesn’t mean it’s allowed tho).

  16. ALex

    I’m pretty sure that unlike other things, this probably can’t just be used offline without updating after Sony patches it. Reason being that it requires you to be online with your friends in order to even get the game or games. So once it’s patched, that’s it and it’s gone and your money you spent for this is gone too. However this is still pretty cool and I’m thinking about getting one myself even knowing what could happen, even with these issues, I still believe it’s pretty cool

  17. ryuu

    4.72 is out, so what happens to this now?, aside from the main account that’s distributing all the shared games getting banned

  18. kal

    Every game I own is digital I couldn’t risk all the money I spent on this idea.. and being banned!

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