Fake microSD cards and the precautions you should take!


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  1. StevieVee says:

    Nice article. I can also recommend h2wtest to test if microSD has the capacity it claims to have.

  2. UnrulyWolf says:

    Thanks Aurora, I’ll make my due diligence to not get scammed. Wouldn’t want to get burned again.

  3. Tony says:

    Another thing to note is to make sure you have a good anti virus software, some of these fake micro sd cards are actually packed with a virus it happened to me a couple years ago but this one card had fake storage and a file was always appearing on it even after deleting it, this never happened with any other usb device i had so i know because my computer wasn’t just infected or anything.

  4. alvin1122 says:

    i think the adapter is from memory stick duo adapter qz it same number of terminal pin like vita game card

  5. Someguy says:

    Best option would be to just pick one up at your local retailer. Picked up a 32gb from walmart for only 14.00 and it works great.

  6. Krisu says:

    Somebody knows what’s going on with those adapters on reddit? I applied for 1, still no respond.

  7. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    I fell for it once, the seller even had good fleabay feedback too. 512GB- and I though WOW! It didn’t even work at first and after multiple format apps the end result was 22GB of usable space. I have squandered a few bucks on less though!

  8. dameros says:

    That’s an article I would have loved to see a few years ago, for I was scammed like this 2-3 times when I tried to find a valid micro sd for my 3ds flashcard. Now I only buy memory cards in places like Walmart or other big name electronics stores. Thank you for spreading the word around!

  9. onion pro says:

    fake micro adpters cards damage the psvita. Common sense

  10. Somebody says:

    You can get legit 256gb micro sd cards con ebay for $80, just make sure to test them with h2testw

  11. Primula says:

    I just took a practice after my scammed MS Pro Duo card of … NEVER!! buying any memory storage device online ever again. Price match it in store if possible.

  12. KiraSlith says:

    The SD Association (company that manages the actual Secure Digital standard) has a format tool, turn on “Adjust Size” in it’s options and it’ll adjust the size of most fake cards to their actual capacity, and bypass bad blocks in the process.

  13. Axl says:

    i got one like that from wish and a usb drive it was cheap and claim to have a lot of space what they do is they modified the information and the firmware of the device to show a fake size in example i bough usb drive with a 1TB on their claim but was actually 8 GB

  14. nebu_187 says:

    Got ripped of by a chinese website that way. It wasnt even clear it was chinese until after when the delivery took so long i started to wonder and went to check upon things…
    ching chong CHINA aaaaaaah… 😀

  15. Lennyvita says:

    You get what you pay for. some deals are too good to be true. Wait for a sale at a local retailer like Best Buy or other store you know what your buying. SD cards and USB sticks often go on sale. atleast if it gives out you can replace it with the warranty. I had a few Lexar USB sticks give out, got them from Bestbuy. no problem, over the counter swap and got a Kingston. You get what you pay for.

  16. jlo138 says:

    I’ve been scammed before… Wasn’t a 32gb but actually 8gb. Worked fine until I went over the 8gb then it corrupted permantly. Now, I typically by mine at a retail store. For those in the U.S, I use Best Buy. They always have online sales on sd cards that aren’t advertised in store. They also honor their online prices if you tell them. They’ll look it up themselves to verify. They’re Sandisk Class 10 Ultra Plus U1 Micro SD 32gb are always on sale for $14.99 and the equivalent 64gb are $27.99. Great prices so always check retail stores first before eBay and the like.

  17. nightwishfan1 says:

    When I look for cheap inexpensive micro sd cards i go to Best Buy, and browse the PNY brand cards. They typically sell at $5-$10 cheaper than other higher priced branded cards like San-Disk, or Kingston. Not that they can’t be found cheap at Wal-Mart, but from my experience Best Buy has them at the cheapest.

    • Reason says:

      5-10 for peace of mind…. I’d hate to be, on your Birthday/christmas list or be your partner/child.

      How much was the console by the way? What others do you have?

      People with this attitude are the ones who buy a car, fuel it with cheap fuel and cry murder to the car manufacturer when it claps out. They buy cheap Chinese disposables and cry to the retailer when it breaks or the metal finish has surface rust spots after a week.

      Its not the manufacturers or retailers, its ones own ignorance and greed…

      People with this tight *** attitude

  18. VIPlaine1 says:

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  19. KEVIN says:

    Good article, had a few fake cards come from ebay.
    I recommend only buying sd cards from big stores like Argos, target, Walmart etc. Always genuine and you can always take them straight back if there was a problem. I’d stay clear of buying any online

  20. Bob says:

    Aurora, i was wondering if you would be willing to write an article on the fact that newer games can not be played on firmware 3.60. Its becoming more and more of a problem, i currently have 2 games in my possession which i can not play without updating. As I under stand the problem, its code in the cart that checks your firmware and then stops you from playing without updating. Since we, thanks to the xyz team, are able to access the vita cart would it be possible to alter that small line of code? Maybe someone could make an application? Also if I dump the game and run it off the memory card will it still have the same problem?